Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scenes from Sylvan Drive

It took me a while to find the perfect card for Josiah for his birthday this year; but once I saw a musical card WITH THE STAR WARS THEME, I knew my search was over. It was so much fun to give him this card, knowing that he wouldn't realize immediately from the shape and thickness that music would play when he opened it. I love how, in the video, he opens it, then quickly closes it when the music starts. :) I love how David does his little Jedi fighting scene in the background. I love these boys...

...and this little one, Tobin, who impressed us so much by his flexibility that Josiah and David decided they had to try his bend-your-body-in-half routine, too!
To me, they look like Orthodox Jews, bending and bowing as they pray at the Western Wall. :)

These sons of mine may never win an Oscar; but in my eyes, these short movies that capture snippets of our lives are worth more than anything Hollywood has ever produced!


Lisa said...

Look at how big Tobin is! You never know about that Oscar...never say never.;-)

Misty said...

OK, those videos are soo cute! I should remember to get out my camera and film my kids sometimes...I love David in the background of the first one :)

Bonnie said...

THis is great! Happy Birthday Josiah!
I LOVE the videos- it makes you all seem "real", hearing voices, instead of just seeing pictures and reading. David is hilarious, and much like I thought he would be. Your voice is what I thought you would sound like too! (and so is your moms, if thats who I heard in the back ground)
I'm trying to figure out how to hookup our video camera to the computer, so keep your eyes open for videos sometime soon!

Sarah smiley Blackwell said...

I LOVE how when Josiah opens his card, David is just looking at him with pure excitement!! It's the cutest little moment.. They seem so sweet Davene!!! How did you create such wonderful brotherly bonds? I love that look in his eyes!

Sally said...

These are really cute! You do a good job of capturing a lot of fun with your camera and videos.