Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Battle

There's a battle being fought between my body and my mind.

My body says: Stop.
My mind says: Go.

Body: Rest!
Mind: Work!

Body: But you need to rest in preparation for labor, delivery, and the upcoming weeks of sleep deprivation.
Mind: But you need to get stuff done NOW before this baby is born.

Body: But I don't feel good.
Mind: You feel good enough. Besides, you're probably not going to be feeling much better for quite a while, so you might as well push through and do stuff now.

Body: But I'll feel better if I rest.
Mind: You'll actually feel better from the sense of accomplishment you'll get if you don't rest now but get something done instead.

Body: But I just can't.
Mind: Are you sure? Come on, you can do it. Don't be a wimp.

Whew, these guys wear me out with their constant arguing! :) They also help me identify a lot with Matthew 26:41, "The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak!"

I'm undoubtedly head over heels in the nesting phase which I usually enjoy, but what's frustrating is that I've been feeling like THE WHOLE HOUSE is a mess with way too many projects started without being completed and several hot spots burning fiercely and discouraging my soul. I've felt like, "How am I ever going to be able to get on top of this??"

Today, my mother came to my rescue by taking Tobin (who had a fever of 102.2 degrees and was extremely clingy) to her house for the afternoon, where he suddenly became a picture of cheerfulness, not once having a crying spell, but happily playing with the special toys kept at my parents' house and cuddling with my mom to watch "Little House on the Prairie." Meanwhile, I got Josiah and David set up for quiet time; then I fell asleep on the couch and had a pretty decent nap from which I awakened refreshed and ready to tackle life again. Tobin was still happy at my mom's house so she kept him and I was able to have a block of time to work in the nursery, finishing up the things that I could do to restore order there after everything had been removed for the new paint.

When Jeff got home from work and we had eaten supper, he further encouraged my soul by being in tune with my nesting urge and taking the time to do various projects in the nursery that I couldn't (or didn't) do on my own: assembling the cradle (since the crib is now in the guest room for Tobin to use), putting some shelves back up on the walls, screwing some hardware back in place on the windows, doing some touch-up painting, etc. I was so grateful for what he did because, after he went off to a time of prayer with some friends, I was able to finish everything else in the nursery! The closet, armoire, and changing table have all been thoroughly sorted through and organized. All the decorations have been put back in place (except for some that I'm getting rid of as I declutter). The furniture is dusted, the floor vacuumed. The beautiful blanket that Amy made for The New Baby is packed in my bag to take to the hospital (that was another project I started today: packing the hospital bag--so much fun!). I have newborn diapers on the shopping list for tomorrow. Best of all, the baby has a place to sleep when we bring him/her home from the hospital!

The only things left to do in the nursery are install the new outlet covers and switch plate (ordered from Ebay) when they arrive in the mail, put the rug down on the floor (after I vacuum it thoroughly tomorrow), put the new diapers in the changing table, get some kind of inexpensive window covering for under the valance so we can block the sun when the baby is sleeping...and then, after the baby is born, get out the appropriate clothes and put them in the armoire and changing table (or beg, borrow, and buy girl clothes, if this happens to be a female I'm carrying!).

It's so different to see the armoire and changing table basically empty and bare this time around. Last time, when we were awaiting the arrival of Tobin, I joyfully got out our baby boy clothes and carefully arranged them just so. This time, the shelves are empty, waiting to be filled once God's little secret is revealed. I can hardly wait!
I want to take more pictures of the nursery soon and post them, but that will have to be on another day. My body is starting to win the battle against my mind, overruling the notion that I'll be able to accomplish much more tonight!


Sally said...

Rest, Davene, rest, and do stuff after the naps, restings, and so on! After saying that, I have to say that you are amazing, and all that you are getting done. I don't get that stuff done, and I'm not even pregnant!

Misty said...

I know that battle well!! I'm still feeling now as my body is recovering. And as long as your newborn is smaller than my one month old we have some clothes for you if you happen to be having a girl!

Michelle said...

I can't wait to see the nursery, rest if you can.

Cherishing Young Biblical Womanhood said...

Nesting is soooo fun. Wouldn't be better if it kicked in like 3 or 4 months ago when there is energy to spare? Try to feel guiltless in listening to your body. Let rest win!

Margie said...

You are so close! This time has flown. Had forgotten about those difficult last few weeks of pregnancy when everything seems out of kilter. Hope you can rest, but I understand the desire to work. What a Blessing your mother can help. (You might have noticed I'm doing some blog catch-up...sorry I am so behind on my comments. I always love reading your updates!)