Saturday, November 7, 2009

Silliness for Saturday

Some randomness for a Saturday night...

I just saw this quiz on Kristal's blog and had to try it (especially because I read a few chapters from Farmer Boy to Josiah yesterday and he's been reading Little House in the Big Woods to himself, so the Little House characters have been on my mind recently). :)
Which Little House on the Prairie character are you?
Your Result: Laura Ingalls

You are as strong as a little french horse and can be feisty at times. You are stubborn but sweet and very creative. You know exactly what you want, and are not afraid to fight for it. You do, however have a tendency to jump to conclusions at times.

Which Little House on the Prairie character are you?
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I was SURE I would be Caroline Ingalls; but no, it said I was Laura. Strong as a little french horse (whatever that is)? Feisty? Stubborn? Not afraid to fight for what I want? Hmmm...I'm not sure that quiz was really accurate. Those words don't describe me, do they? :)


I had a date tonight...
...with this little guy. Four year-olds can be such interesting conversationalists; you never know what's going to come out of their mouths! This was the first time that David had ever had a "date" with me so it was a Big Deal to him. It happened very spontaneously: I realized that I needed to make a Walmart run tonight, and I knew that David had fallen asleep during quiet time this afternoon so he wouldn't be tired at his regular bedtime, so I asked him if he wanted to come with me to Walmart and then to Chick-fil-A. He was thrilled! It's amazing how, with a minimum of effort, an ordinary boring trip to the store alone turned into an exciting adventure and memory-making opportunity and chance to show David how much I love and cherish him.

In the picture above, he's riding his new stick horse that he got (with his own money) at the dollar store on Wednesday. He needed to have a horse because Zorro does, of course. Zorro's horse is black and is named Tornado so obviously David's horse is named that, too. Josiah also bought a stick horse, but he named his Hurricane...just to be different. :)


The other day, I was cleaning out one of the junk drawers in our kitchen. We actually have two: one for house-fixing junk (like tape measures, screwdrivers, string, nails, etc.) and one for toy junk (like yo-yos, a harmonica, popsicle sticks for crafts, and those ridiculous plastic toys that come with kids' meals at certain restaurants). In the toy junk drawer, I found an astonishing number of bouncy balls; I had no idea we had so many. I threw away some (secretively, of course!); but when I saw the beautiful array of patterns and colors of the ones that were left, I decided to come up with a different, more decorative way to store them. I headed down to our cellar and found this interesting jar, filled it with bouncy balls, put a lid on, and set it in the windowsill in the kitchen (for now--eventually I'll find a better home for it). Today I noticed the afternoon sun shining in on it, and I liked what I saw.

Day 7 - Inspired by the numerous bouncy balls my boys have collected, I thought back to my childhood and how I used to play with them (and this is a memory I haven't thought about for a longggggggg time). My brother David and I would get down on the kitchen floor, roll the balls with some force over to the cabinets, then listen for the distinctive sound that they made as they bounced very quickly between the floor and the overhang of the cupboards (about two inches off the floor). We loved that noise and were glad when the balls cooperated and bounced a long time so we could hear them longer. We said they were "speaking Spanish." :)

I'm thankful for having a brother who was also my best buddy growing up, the simple and unchanging pleasures of bouncy balls, silliness and laughter, and this happy memory.


Jeff Fisher said...

I took the test and it says I am pa.

Sally said...

I took the quiz and I am Caroline Ingalls! Hmmm...I'm really unsure of the accuracy of that thing.

Margie said...

I took the test and mine said Laura Ingalls, too! But the choices were fairly limited; I always like Mary, but am not blind. So perhaps that would have changed things.

I liked the picture of the balls - and the jar is especially nice. It's a lovely touch, and noticeably representative of your season of life!