Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sneak Peek

I just took this picture, just downloaded it, and just had to post it. I had been wanting to take some photos of Shav for the four-month post I plan to write in a few days, so today, while Jeff and the oldest three boys were out on the town, I had my chance. Shav's bedroom became my photo studio; and boy, did I have a ball! This photo is SOOC; maybe I should have tried to retouch it a little, but I'm supposed to be planning a Christmas Eve service instead of taking and posting pictures of my baby. Oops, got a little distracted. This boy will do it to me.
I have another post coming later today--all about a mysterious visitor to church, as well as catching up on 30 Days Thankful. But I just couldn't resist popping in to show off my littlest cutie. I'm smitten...

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chicknboy said...

he IS a cutie..for sure!! :)