Saturday, February 13, 2010

David's Latest Antic

Yesterday, David found a giraffe costume (the one Tobin wore last Halloween) in the closet in Tobin's room and promptly put it on. He kept it on nearly all day; and when evening rolled around and we were getting ready to go bowling (David's request, since it was his family night), he still had it on and asked if he could wear it to the bowling alley. Jeff wisely said yes; after all, why deny a 4 year-old the pleasure of wearing this, even if "normal" people don't usually wear costumes to the bowling alley?

On our way home, we stopped at Walmart to look for some snow boots for Josiah; and of course, David was still wearing the costume. I had the pleasure of pushing the cart that David was riding in, and I got such a kick out of watching other people watch him! They would look at him, look away, glance again a second time, then either smile or nudge their companion if they were with someone else, point at him, and say something like, "Look at that boy in the giraffe costume! Isn't he cute?" Well, actually, I couldn't always hear what they were saying; but I'm sure they must have been commenting on his cuteness. ;)

It made me happy to see him be happy and to see other people be happy as they noticed him. That's a pretty good snowball effect from one small boy's desire to wear a costume--and his unconcern about what others might think. It's also additional proof that it's good to be four. :)
This picture was taken today, and the green object in his hands is a frog he made out of playdough.


Margie said...

Love this - I, too, would have said, "Look at that cute boy in the giraffe costume!" He'll be wanting only regular clothes way too soon; that shopping run was a treasure.

Miriam said...

Love it!! I love that he wanted to wear the costume and wear it to town, and I love that you as parents let him have fun like that :) Some (perhaps even myself? I don't know) would've said "no, not right now" or "no, you need to wear regular clothes to town." I learn so much from you about parenting, I hope I remember it all in another year or so :)