Friday, February 5, 2010

When Zorro Was a Baby...

...he might have looked like this: black cape wrapped around him, arm outstretched to practice his sword fighting moves.
But what in the world is my baby doing, acting like the infant Zorro?

Aha! Here's a clue. I see another little person reaching out towards Baby I-Wanna-Be-Like-Zorro. Maybe he has something to do with it.

Yes, it's true! Tobin--ever the loving, considerate, and generous big brother--decided that Shav needed a turn with the Zorro cape (the cape that belongs to David, by the way...if Shav is Zorro in this story, we'll call Tobin "Robin Hood" since he's good at stealing from the rich, so to speak, to give to the poor). So Tobin brought it over to Shav and tried to drape it around his neck. Fortunately, I was near enough to make sure no babies were harmed in this moment of brotherly love...and quick enough to grab my camera before it was over.

Sweet Baby Zorro! Who needs a Miracle Blanket when you can cuddle in a black cape? So warm. So soft.
So Zorro-ish.

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Sally said...

Wow! Shav and Tobin have grown up so much! These are great pictures.