Sunday, February 14, 2010

The One I Love

~ I took this picture in August 2006 during a family outing to Skyline Drive

Valentine's Day lands on a Sunday this year! So, in honor of my beloved, here is a special Valentine edition of Truth-Light-Hammer-Fire.

What can I say about Jeff?

He's the love of my life.
He's my better half.
He completes me.
He was worth waiting for.
He's better than I ever imagined.
And all the other cliches that are tossed around when people try to express how much someone means to them...

I thank God for him every day.


Leah asked about doing a Truth-Light-Hammer-Fire post and linking here, so I went back to the Mister Linky site that I used to use and came up with this for her sake. I can hardly wait to see what she posts. :)


Margie said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Davene! As always, I love this tribute to Jeff, and I know he does, too.

I'm at my MIL's, the house is quiet, and I have time to myself to get caught up on your blog. Can't wait to see what I'll read...

Leah said...

I used your Mister Linky but didn't see my link appear. Thank you for putting it up for me, though! Thank you also for inspiring me to create my own.
What a nice tribute to Jeff!

Davene said...


Unfortunately, things at Mister Linky have changed since I last used it; and to get the kind of linky that shows up in the blog post costs money now. However, if you press on the Mister Linky button, it will go to a screen that has your link on it. Does that make sense?

I think there are other kinds of link mechanisms out there, so maybe someday I'll figure them out and use a different kind so that it can actually show up in the post. :)

Thanks again for participating; I really loved yours!