Saturday, February 20, 2010

Seven Things for Seven Months

At seven months of age, Shav...

1. wears size 3 diapers, wears mostly 6-9 month clothing with some 12 month clothes thrown in for good measure, and weighs a nice amount (and that's as specific as I can get about his weight because I completely forgot to weigh him today!).
2. got his first haircut a week and a half ago (on Feb. 10)...I had dropped the three younger boys off at the barber shop while I took Josiah to his violin lesson...when I returned, I noticed, as soon as I held Shav, that Jeff had trimmed the hair around his ears and the back of his neck...and to think that I wasn't there when it happened and no one took a picture! :)

speaking of hair...

3. loves to reach back with his right hand and grab the hair at the back of my neck when I'm holding him on my left side (when I hold him, that's the side he's on about 99% of the time)...I don't remember any of the other boys being quite so determined about this when they were little; but for some reason, Shav dearly loves to grab a handful, clench it tightly, and resist all efforts to unclasp his little hand and release my was interesting to me, when our neighbors were over for dinner recently, to see their little baby Jason doing the same exact thing to his mommy Wilma
4. is at the age where it's becoming difficult to nurse him with anyone else around...he gets so distracted!...if he hears someone nearby, he wants to turn his head around to find the source of the sound...if I'm doing stuff on the computer while I'm trying to nurse him, he usually--unless he's really tired--wants to see what's going on, so that limits my already meager amount of computer time these days...he's becoming so social that sometimes I feel like to get him to really eat well, I have to go off to another room and seclude ourselves so he can focus :)
5. is a great eater when it comes to solid foods...I haven't gotten very adventurous with what I feed him; but all the traditional baby food (rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, squash, pears, applesauce, green beans, peas) have been a hit with him...these days, he likes to bite the spoon when I put it in his mouth; and since he's got two top teeth and two bottom teeth, he can really grab it and hang onto it when he bites down
6. loves his brothers so much...loves to watch them...loves it when they make eye contact with him...loves it when they speak his language (he croaks; and all of them, even Tobin, now know how to croak back to him)...loves it when they get close to him...sometimes I think about how he is so blissfully unaware of danger when they are physically close to him...even though they wouldn't ever hurt him intentionally, in their exuberance, accidents could happen; and as I keep a sharp eye out, I occasionally wince as I imagine what injuries could occur...he is oblivious though--happily so--completely trusting that we will take care of him--content just to be surrounded by people who love him...he takes such great delight in watching us!
7. is so very, very patient...maybe he doesn't have a choice since he's the youngest; and of course, he's completely accustomed to having others around who have needs to be met as well since that is how his life has always been...but still, I'm grateful that when I'm spooning sweet potatoes into his mouth and have to abruptly leave to clean up some spilled milk, he doesn't complain...when I'm nursing him and have to break off so I can pick up and soothe Tobin who just fell down, he's OK with that...he seems to have been blessed with the patience of Job, and that makes my life so much easier

I was going to stop at seven, but I thought of something else I want to write down. Here's one to grow on...

8. is often called Shavi (I can't figure out how to spell it: Shavvie? Shavi? Shahvee? :)...David came up with this nickname for him, and it has stuck...he's our first boy to have a one-syllable name that can easily acquire an "ie/y" ending (like John/Johnny), so I suppose it's no surprise that we often call him just rolls off the tongue...sometimes I'll hear David call him Shavi-Wavi-Pavi-Wavi (David used to call Jeff "Daddy Waddy," and in return Jeff would call him "David Wavid") :)

Oh, sweet Shavi, how we love you! We are so grateful for these seven precious months that God has given us with you!!!


Sally said...

Wow! He is so cute, and has such pretty blue eyes! What a blessing your sons are, and what a blessing they have you for their mother. I really need to come visit and take some lessons--but alas, on top of being very busy right now with our addition, my kids have caught a new round of colds. We will get there sometime!

Theresa @ Heavenly Glimpses said...

So sweet!

Margie said...

Shav is really acquiring a distinctive look - no longer a general baby look, but one that's all him! It's hard to believe he's seven months, already. I enjoyed this post that updates us about all he's about.