Sunday, February 28, 2010

Young and Old

~ I took this picture of the hands of my mother, her sister Joyce, and Josiah, during Aunt Joyce & Uncle Jay's visit with us (they live in Canada) - March 2009

I don't remember when I first became acquainted with this verse, in terms of it standing out to me like our neighbor's blaze orange windsock atop his welding shop does as I glance out my kitchen window. But at some point in my youth, while I still lived at home, Mother and I began to remind each other of this verse and, by so doing, build each other's faith. It became, in my opinion, our verse. It's fine if it means something to you; but really, God put it in The Book for us. :)

By the way, if you've got a minute and didn't do this two weeks ago, click here to visit Leah's blog and see her first Truth-Light-Hammer-Fire post. She chose a wonderful verse, and the picture she paired with it could not have been more appropriate. The photo and text, as well as her commentary, has come back to my mind repeatedly since I first saw it. (I like her second Truth-Light-Hammer-Fire post a lot, too!) :)

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Heather Baker said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photo...this is one of my all time FAVORITE verses. When I was a little girl, my dad sang a song with this verse in it. Now I really GET IT, as I hold on to His promises! <3