Thursday, November 4, 2010

Encounter of a Different Kind

Grandparent babysitters are the best!

Because of that, I was able to slip away from here, show up at Jeff's work as he was closing, and kidnap him for dinner out.  It had been a while since he and I had connected, just the two of us; there's usually so much noise and so many people around here!  :)  The time away was good for us; but as a result, I don't have my 30 Days Thankful post ready.  Oh well, I'll catch up tomorrow...or the next day...or?  :)


Elizabeth said...

What fun! I wish you had taken the camera with! :D Your so right, grandparent babysitters are the best!

Beth said...

Yeah for date nights!! Speaking of grandparent time...that's where my boys are today! Ahhhh! :)

Anonymous said...

woohoo for date nights! Grandparents are most certainly something to be thankful for!!