Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Last Full Day

Josiah came to me in tears this morning.  The reason?  Grandma Fisher is leaving tomorrow.

We are reluctantly taking her back to the airport, since our efforts to talk her into staying failed miserably.  :)  I have a feeling it will take all of us a little while to adjust to her being gone.

She's not a huge fan of having her picture taken; in fact, she's not even a little fan of it.  But when I announced this afternoon that everyone needed to meet me on the front lawn for photos, she gamely came along and cooperated beautifully.  Some of my boys, on the other hand...  Well, I got lots of pictures of silly faces, frowns, yawns, boys looking everywhere but at the place I wanted them to look, boys poking themselves with sticks, and boys doing strange things to their brothers!

I did get some pictures that I really like, however.  Such as these... (And just for comparison, here is a post from last August with pictures of her and the boys.)

Despite the difficulties of photographing my little tribe, one thing is for sure:
a grandmother with her grandsons
is a beautiful sight indeed!

How blessed we are to have had her with us for four whole weeks!


Elizabeth said...

These pictures are soooo valuable and precious!!! And how delightful that she stayed for four weeks!!!!

I loved what you said over on my blog about you remembering when your Mom would come and visit when you both lived in separate states and now you live next door! I'm going to pray for the same blessing! I love your whole family and how close in heart and body everyone is.

Happy weekend friend!

Morning said...

What a lovely looking lady Grandma Fisher is -- the perfect storybook Grandma! I had one of those, too, and remember her with great love. I even dream about her still, and in those dreams she somehow makes everything alright.

Beth said...

What wonderful time! How blessed your boys are to have two such loving and incredible grandmothers.

KO said...


I am slowly going through email and just made the connection to your Blog and Margie.

Thanks for following our journey, and I love following your blog. Your stories, pictures and reflections are a joy.

Kathy O

Anonymous said...

ooo boo on having to take her back home.. but glad you had a good visit!

Kristen said...

I'm so glad she let you take a few pictures! They are priceless. I had a grandmother who didn't like her picture taken, and refused most of the time. Unfortunately, I have very few, if any, pictures of her to show my kids, who never met her.

Sorry she is leaving, but what a blessed time I know you had!

Misty said...

So precious, Davene! You and especially your boys will treasure these for years to come!

BC said...

Davene, thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog recently! I am so glad you did because it led me to your beautiful blog. What an amazing blessing it must be to have FOUR BOYS??!!! I love how God equips us with exactly what we need to parent the precious children He gives to us. Isn't it a wonderful thing that we have our blogs to document all the important moments like the ones you captured with the kids and their Grandmother!

God Bless,