Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Picture Etched in My Mind

Our family of six, standing in the airport, saying farewell to the dear lady who, for a month, had been the seventh member of our little family.

Shav, ensconced in the stroller, blessedly unaware of the significance of the goodbye just given to him by his grandma.

The other three boys, lined up side by side, as near the boundary of where only the ticketed passengers can go as we would let them stand.  Josiah in tears.  He and David and Tobin with upraised arms, waving goodbye!  goodbye!

Then Tobin's voice pierces the clamor.  "I wuv oo," he cries out in his toddler voice.

During his grandma's visit, she would often hug him and exclaim, "I love you," to him; but as much as he hugged and kissed her back and showed oodles of warm affection in other ways, he wasn't quick to respond with a spoken "I love you."  But now, as she's on the verge of leaving, he does it.  He speaks the words of love.

Does she hear?  Or did he speak too late?

She pauses, just before entering the elevator that will take her away.  She looks over, she smiles.

She hears.


Virginia Lee said...

Well, there are happy mama tears in my eyes. Thank the Lord for air travel so that our loved ones far away can visit.

Lisa said...

Oh my. Did she leave already? You all are going to feel a void in your home for awhile.

I'm so glad that she got to visit you for so long...and soak up great boy tribe time!

Valerie said...

This brought tears to me eyes. October was a busy month of visiting in our house. Saying good-bye to my mom at the airport was so hard on the kids. Her visit was cut short because of her fall and no one wanted to say goodbye. Then my in-laws came a week later and the kids were happy... until they had to say goodbye. :( So many goodbye's!

Margie said...

Davene, I read this early yesterday morning with the little time I set aside for myself to do my devotional and read before we get busy. I sat in the chair and wept. This is so beautiful. I have more to say, but will try to fill in on other comments - so many of your posts move me this way. And I want you to know I am reading, even if I don't comment. So - more to come!