Saturday, November 20, 2010

Remembering the Day

I couldn't let this day--this special day when Shav turns 16 months old--pass by without at least a mention of how treasured he is by us and how we're all crazy about him.
My thoughts have often turned, in recent days, to November 2008 when we were discovering that I was unexpectedly pregnant and were wrapping our brains around the idea of having two children so close in age.  

And now look at them!  Tobin at 34 months, and Shav at 16.  What a beautiful sight!

Happy 16-month birthday, sweet Shavi!  I'm entirely convinced that you are the most handsome Shav in the entire world.  Granted, there's not a whole lot of competition for the title of Most Handsome Shav; but even if your name was as common as Michael or Jacob, you'd still come out in first place in my book!  Not to mention the Most Wonderful Shav...the Most Loving Shav...the Funniest Shav...the Most Talented Shav...and definitely, without a doubt, the Best All-Around Shav!!  ;-)


Kirsteen said...

Ahhh, how sweet. We all feel the same about our youngest, just turned 17 months. His big brothers just adore him and we think he is the most handsome, funny etc 17 month old in the world!

michelle said...

it's funny, since our kids are only 11 mos. apart, 18 mos. doesn't seem that close together to me anymore! :) but i'm thankful that i didn't go thru those pregnancies and that they were both a little older when we brought them home - i think that def. made it a bit easier on us! i hope their closeness in age will help them be great friends as they grow up.