Monday, November 29, 2010

When My Eyes Are Open...

...I realize that every day is filled with blessings galore.  Like...

~ friends who sympathize when I'm not feeling well...and a friend who says, "I'm sorry you're not feeling well; maybe you should drink some hot tea!"

~ the hot tea itself, with extra milk and sugar in it...because if anything can cure a cold, it's extra sugar.  Well, maybe.  ;-)

~ a cold that turns out to be milder than I thought--I'm SO grateful!  Discomfort is easier to deal with than out-and-out pain.

~ sons who cooperated beautifully during a mini photo-shoot this morning (I *needed* new pictures for the blog header I'm planning for December.)  ;-)

~ a mom who thinks that, even though I only asked her and Dad to get me some chicken at Costco, I really should have some shredded Mexican cheese...and two packages of grape tomatoes...and two huge bags of tortilla chips for Jeff...and a bag of pomelos.  Gifts of food are welcome indeed!

~ boys who are young enough to find great pleasure in twirling around in the living room.

~ a husband who says, "That's a great idea!" when I say, "Do you think we should get such-and-such for the boys for Christmas?"

~ a gorgeous sunset sky.

~ a dad who says, "Sure!" when I say, "Could you please take Josiah to SVCC practice so I don't have to wake up Shav to take him along?"

~ putting the Christmas tablecloth on the table for the first time this year.

~ comfort food for supper.

~ a mom who stays after supper to do the dishes and clean up the kitchen while I go get Josiah from choir.

~ four boys who all went to sleep peacefully tonight.

~ the warm electric blanket waiting for me.  :)

I'm so glad my eyes were open today.


Sally said...

I'm so glad it's seeming not to be a real show-stopping cold so far. I am so fearful that we drug flu germs down there on Friday. Please get better soon and make my wishes come true--that we didn't infect your family with the flu.

Davene said...

Oh, Sally, not to worry! If this is the flu, it's the best flu ever!! :)

No, I'm sure it's just a little cold--and really, it's turning out to be so minor that I'm amazed, quite frankly. Amazed and grateful! :)

Lisa and Keith said...

what a beautiful post! it was so great to see you guys over thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

:-) Glad you got your tea. Glad the cold seems to be doing better! Love those twirling pictures.. that is a favorite activity with Sammy too :)