Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TTT - Marriage, a Milkstache, and Lovin' on Shav

One day recently, David and Josiah and I were having one of the "who am I going to marry?" discussions that occasionally occur around here. The first thing we had to establish was who they COULDN'T marry: specifically, sons can't marry their mother (although I think it's so sweet that they would even want to). :) Josiah was pretty clear on this point because we've had this conversation before, so he was helping David understand that moms are off-limits when it comes to marriage. I was trying to plant good seeds in David's head and heart by telling him that when a man likes a woman, the first thing he needs to do is make her his best friend, like Daddy and I are best friends. He very seriously nodded and said, "I'll try to." And then it was asked by someone (I can't remember who asked it) who his best friend is, and his response--of course--was Joelle Sacra. Then someone suggested that he could marry her; and again, so seriously and intently, he nodded and said, "I'll ask her." Maybe he's forgotten that she already asked him (in Sunday school, as a matter of fact). ;)


David was drinking some milk and wondered aloud whether any of it had stayed on his upper lip to give him a milk mustache. But when the question came out of his mouth, he came up with a cool little abbreviation, saying, "Do I have a milkstache?" Makes sense to me! :)


This afternoon Shav was fussing, and David got down beside him to comfort him. He began talking to him and started by using something he learned straight from my dad whose phrase of choice when crooning to fussy little ones is, "It's not all that bad." I say, "It's OK, Shav," but Dad says, "It's not all that bad"...and today, David followed suit, saying in a loving sing-song voice, "It's not all that bad, Shav." Then he added, "I'm your brother! I'm your brother!" Words of comfort indeed. :)

David has come up with a nickname for Shav. He calls him "Shavvie" or "Shavo." I'm not sure if either of those will stick or not, but I do believe I heard Jeff saying "Shavvie" the other day. :)

My nickname for Shav (well, one of many silly names I call him) is Sugarlump Shav. Why? Because...he's just so sweet!

Here are David and Shav a few days ago, doing some brotherly bonding. David LOVES to get in the playpen with Shav and entertain him. I love when he does it, too. :)
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Elizabeth said...

I love reading these stories Davene. I showed Marie the video you posted a while back when David was singing, playing the guitar and riding his little cycle. She and I both can't get over his cute little voice and personality!

Sally said...

This is really neat! I wonder if Paul will one day want to marry me! That will be so funny!

Bonnie said...

How cute! Boy, it looks like David and Mini-David in the play pen in that picture!

Emily Joy said...

Of course Joelle and David are getting married! No question about it :)

Julie said...

It cute when siblings make up nicknames. Kanah is the only one who calls Kirk "Kirkie" and Mairi "Mar"...and it is sweet.

Jolanthe said...

Such a sweet brother. :)

Our kids are the only ones that come up with the nicknames {and use them too!}. Fun that they do that with each other.

Margie said...

They're building bonds now that will tie them together throughout their lives. These early in life moments you have captured are real treasures. Your blog is one of the best gifts you will give them (after mothering, of course!)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh, the sweet talk of siblings is so precious!

Happy TTT!

Polly said...

These are priceless!!!