Monday, December 14, 2009


Tis the season to be jolly! Thus says the carol, and so shall we be!

In the spirit of jolliness, we played a game at a recent church dinner. The game, provided by our pastor Gordon Zook, was just the sort of thing I relish, particularly since it concerns two of the things I love: music and words. I want to keep a copy of this game, but do NOT want another piece of paper lying around. The solution? Put it on the blog. :)

Name That Christmas-Time Tune

1. Two hundred eighty-eight Yuletide hours.

2. Proclamation of ecstatic emotion for this planet.

3. Thrice I implore, don't impede the crystallized precipitation.

4. Minuscule hamlet south of Jerusalem, known as "House of Bread."

5. The lad, the diminutive percussionist.

6. Assemble, everyone who is loyal.

7. Fantasia of a colorless Dec. 25.

8. Far back in the hay feeder.

9. Identify the juvenile present here.


11. Perambulating through magical realms of the December solstice.

12. Listen, the winged heavenly messengers are proclaiming tunefully.

13. Speechless Sir Lancelot, sanctified Sir Reginald.

14. I envisioned a triad of nautical vessels arriving.

15. Present me naught but dual incisors for this Yuletide festival.

16. Depart and broadcast from an elevated peak.

17. At a particular time in blue-blooded Davy's capitol.

18. Dost thou perceive the same stimulus that excites my auditory organs?

19. As the guardians of woolly animals protected their charges after dusk.

20. Behold, the aspects of tightly gathered petals as they open continuously.

21. Unmannerly Dolf, crimson beaked draft critter.

22. The arrival was a smogless event, twixt evening and morning.

23. Our audio sensors detected top level celestial messengers.

24. Boulder featuring rhythmic tintinnabulating hollow metallic sounding instruments in triplicate.

25. Psychiatrist's office or apartment.

Answers to be revealed in a few days... ;)


Bonnie said...

I think I got about half of them. Hurry up and post the answers!

Amy said...

I must have missed this meal! Looking forward to seeing the answers.

Valerie said...

I would love to use this game soon--will you email me the answers? Thanks!
Oh, and about your Christmas newsletter---I think you are very wise and prudent to give your self a break this year---I did also the year our second child was born. Enjoy the season without stressing yourself and without guilt for not doing it all!
If you want to write up a "mock" newsletter in January to keep with all the others, that might be a good idea for your own memory's sake--just put a note with it that says, "If I had written a newsletter this year, here is what it would've said. Instead I chose to read more stories, snuggle at bedtimw more and eat more cookies with my boys!!"
Blessings,Davene!! You are a great mom!!
<3 Valerie

Sarah-Anne said...

Mind if I post this on my blog, Davene?? I'd love to challenge my, ahem, one follower to a little Christmas-Time Tune. Come on over and make it two followers, why don't you?? :-)