Thursday, December 17, 2009


How do you deal with your blog when you're in the middle of a very "weighty" time: pondering deep thoughts, feeling torn, making difficult decisions, etc.? Do you clam up and ignore the fact that you even have a blog, while all your extra brain power goes toward the dilemma at hand? Do you pour forth your heart on the blog? Or do you just get shallow?

I'm choosing option C.

There's a lot going on right now, and my heart is heavy. But I'm going to push all that aside and just post these short videos tonight. These are videos of things that have made me smile recently; and even though compared to what's really on my mind these days, these are superficial, they are also just super in my eyes.

This was Josiah's first ever violin performance (this past Saturday at our children's museum). He is so serious and careful with his playing, and I'm so proud of him...


This afternoon, Shav was watching David play a baseball game and swing the bat around, and Shav laughed and laughed at him. Absolutely delightful to hear his laughter...

Tobin "helped" me set up the nativity set this evening. I told Josiah and David that on other days, they could rearrange the figures how they wanted; but for tonight, Tobin would be in charge of them. I love how enthusiastic Tobin was about it. I also love how effectively he communicates through nodding yes and shaking his head no; I can't remember that either Josiah or David used that method of communication quite as much as Tobin does. Right at the beginning of this video, Tobin nods his head in answer to my first question; and it's just such a Tobin thing to do that it makes me smile...

While Josiah was practicing violin tonight, David got out these attachments to our "new" vacuum and started copying his big brother. All Suzuki violin students and parents will recognize what "Mississippi Hotdog" is... :)

I am so blessed to be the mama in this family, and I could never thank God enough for the dear ones He's placed around me!


bekahcubed said...

What sweet videos!

I know what you mean about not being sure what to write about when you're going through "weighty" times. Depending on how much TIME I have when I'm going through those times, I either clam up or I get shallow-er. Of course, "shallow" often means starting to talk cerebral stuff instead of "what's going on in my life stuff".

Morning said...

Option C is my choice -- and I believe that choosing to concentrate on the small, precious things is actually therapeutic as it reminds you that even if you are sad there is happiness around you. I truly hope your world rights itself soon.

Patti said...

Hm. I'm pretty sure I do option C as well, though Bekahcubed is right--sometimes that translates into cerebral indulgences that don't require any personal transparency.

I do hope things will lighten--or at least that you will, as our friend C.S. Lewis says, feel the Weight of Glory in it all.