Friday, December 10, 2010

All We Need Is the People

We're hosting a fellowship potluck tonight, and today has been a day of preparation for that.  I've had good helpers, especially when it came time to make the birthday cake.  ;-)

The chairs are waiting.
The plates are waiting, too... are the glasses...
...and the forks, knives, and spoons.

All we need now is the people!


Sarah-Anne said...

Wow, great pictures Davene! It makes me feel okay about taking pics of dinnerware when we're having a dinner party since you did as well! I've never known anyone to do that except you and me... :)

Sally said...

I'm sure it was a great time! I even thought of coming (I've been holed up here at home since Sunday, and now that I'm starting to get better, I am getting antsy.), but then I realized I get frequent coughing fits, and besides the great disturbance that would make, I might infect everyone else present. So, we stayed home. Thanks for posting about your preparation (I still don't know how you swing a frequent influx of people.)

Davene said...

Sally, in the interest of full disclosure, let me record here that this potluck was exceptionally difficult for me. Thursday was a rough day, and I know Friday's looming event contributed to Thursday's stress. Friday itself was actually wonderfully peaceful--until about an hour before the potluck. When I stole a moment away to blog, I felt on top of things and at peace; but not too long afterwards, everything seemed to go downhill. My parents walked into a noisy, fussy, chaotic scene; but being unfailingly gracious, they did what they could to help. And when the first family arrived and I still didn't have everything done, I put the wife to work doing my dishes. (Thanks a bunch, Misty!) :) I didn't feel on top of my game before, during, or after the potluck; and as far as today goes, I have absolutely no get-up-and-go, so I've spent the morning sitting on my living room floor playing with my boys. I'm waiting for the infusion of energy that must be coming soon. Hello, energy? Where are you? Could I have a spark of desire to do something, anything?

So, Sally, just so you know, even though I really enjoy having people over and even though most potlucks aren't so rough, this one was, and I just had to drag my way through it. :)