Thursday, December 9, 2010

When You Let Your Children Play with Your Nativity Set... never know what might happen.  All the figures might get pushed very close together...Baby Jesus might be given trucks to play with...the shepherds might end up on top of the stable (as seen in the 3rd video down)...and, worst of all, Jesus might lose a hand!  

All those adventures happened in Christmases Past.  Here in Christmas Present, I discovered this scene last evening:
All the figures were laying on their backs.  All except the camel, that is...
...he was standing upright in a tiny space between the stable and the fence.  There wasn't enough room there for him to fall down.

But why were they all laying down?  Had an earthquake come by and rattled them all to the ground?  Had the angels appeared and overpowered them with majesty and glory?  Had some kind soul gently laid the figures down so they could go to sleep?

Then I found a clue:
See it there on the top of the stable?  I'm not sure what it is or where it came from; but to my untrained eye, it looks like a picture of a Star Wars storm trooper (is that what they're called?)  Maybe some imaginative boys were mixing genres of play!

Since all my sons were asleep in bed when I found it, I removed the scary face picture from the roof, set up all the figures, and arranged them the way I like it.
Sleep soundly, sweet one-handed Jesus!  Aren't you glad we take literally your command to let the little children come to you?  ;-)


Stephanie B. said...

Love it Davene, I love to see our children play with the nativity scene too. It's the same figures I played with as a child. My mom passed them onto us.

Kirsteen said...

Looks to me like the scary face is a Transformers face. Whether it's a good guy or a bad one, I'm not so sure!

Maybe the nativity figures were all sleeping?!

Amanda said...

Indeed it is a transformer insignia - It is the autobots (good guys) not the decepticons (bad guys) - can we tell who is the mother with 3 boys??? LOL

Amanda said...

for proof:


Davene said...

I'm so glad you all set me straight. How could I possibly confuse Transformers with Star Wars? Shame on me! :)

I don't know much about Transformers (obviously), but now that you mention it, I think the boys did get a Transformers toy from McDonald's this week during their morning out with Daddy. I suppose that's where it came from.

Amanda, I'm very relieved that it's a good guy! :)

Thanks for all the info!

Anonymous said...

hehe love it!! Did you find out what happened? Maybe they were trying to fix Jesus' hand?

Virginia Lee said...

I love this post! Reminds me of my kiddos. God bless sweet one handed baby Jesus figures and what they represent!

Davene said...


Apparently it was David who was the culprit, and when I asked him what was going on (when I found all the figures lying down again the next day), he hemmed and hawed and said something about "the force." I guess that's all the explanation I'm going to get! :)