Tuesday, December 28, 2010

She's At It Again

There's not much time to blog tonight.  Christmas, Part Two, is in full swing over here; and we have beloved house guests sleeping under our roof tonight.  Plus, tomorrow is Part One of my parents' Very Big (Across the Parking Lot) Move.  But before I get a little sleep, I've gotta say...

That sister-in-law of mine!  ;-)  Three years ago, we caught her feeding David (who was two years old at the time) much more Oreo Ice Cream Dessert than he was "supposed" to have.  :)   And now, this year, look who's benefiting from her generosity!
I do believe Tobin ate virtually every bit of her dessert; and when she went into the kitchen and got more for herself and came back with a full plate, he wanted it, too!  It made me wonder:  if we set the entire dish of ice cream dessert in front of Tobin and let him eat as much as he wanted, would he eat the whole thing?!  :)

Tobin's not the only one who loves his aunt.  We are all big fans of their family, and I think my favorite part of every visit is the time after all the kids are settled in bed when my brother David and his wife Lori and Jeff and I can sit down in the cozy living room and talk.  Tonight we covered the topics of creationism, colleges, switching churches, rusty trucks and Jeeps, Craigslist, cigars, tithing, time shares, and more.  I love it. 

I love them.  ;-)


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I wish I had an aunt like that.

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Isn't it lovely being with folks (especially when the kids are all in bed!) where you can talk and talk and talk, and cover every kind of subject under the sun, and jump from one thing to another.... I do love that kind of time. Enjoy having them to stay (and let her feed as much Orio ice-cream to your wee guy as he wants - I promise, he'll be none the worse for it, and he'll always have happy thoughts of his auntie!) x

Anonymous said...

hehe I am with JDaniel4's Mom!!

Sarah-Anne said...

families rock, especially aunt's that aren't afraid of sharing their dessert with two year olds!