Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Guess What He Did!

If "he" is Josiah, then here's what he did: fell out of bed. I had just checked on him moments before it happened, and I noticed that he was lying fairly close to one side of his bed, but I decided not to try to move him because he hasn't fallen out of bed for ages! I thought his body would sense where the edge was and then self-adjust to keep him on the bed, but no... A few minutes later, we heard a loud crash; and I knew immediately what it was and just felt sick about it, wishing that I had intervened to prevent it. Jeff and I rushed to him; but almost as soon as Jeff picked him up and put him back in bed, Josiah was asleep again and suffered no ill effects from it--in fact, he didn't even remember it had happened when I asked him about it the next day!

If "he" is Shav, then here's what he did: had his first real bath tonight! Since he lost his umbilical cord stump, we can switch from sponge baths to tub baths which is exciting to me. Shav, on the other hand, didn't seem to think too highly of the experience tonight so I didn't prolong the agony but quickly got him out and clothed in a snuggly sleeper. I'm sure baths will grow on him though until he becomes quite a fan of them (especially when he's old enough to romp and play with his big brothers in the tub...but how are we going to fit all four of them in the tub at the same time?) :)

If "he" is David, then here's what he did: eagerly asked me to do school with him, using a new workbook that our friends, the Hiters, gave to him when they brought supper to us last week. I was nursing Shav when David made his request, so I couldn't really do school with him; but I did tell him how to do some pages in his book. Plus, I asked him how to spell "dad," and he responded with "D-A-D"...and then I asked him what 2+4 is, and he said, "6." I love his excitement about school, and I'm looking forward to spending some time focused on him when we officially start our next school year this fall!

If "he" is Jeff, then here's what he did: yesterday morning both Jeff and I were very tired from staying up late the night before. Jeff got up early to have a Greek lesson with our friend David; and after the lesson but before the normal time for our boys to get up, Tobin awoke and fussed in his crib. Jeff was downstairs so I decided to go get Tobin and maybe give Jeff the chance for a little more sleep; but before I got to Tobin's room, Jeff was coming up the steps to get him...and without saying a word but by simply waving his hand, Jeff motioned for me to go back to bed and get the extra sleep. Sleep is a gift these days, and Jeff's act of self-sacrifice made me love him all the more!

When I was beginning to formulate this blog post in my head, the "he" I was thinking of was really Tobin. :) Here is what he did! One historic event was that yesterday, for the very first time, he crawled in the "proper" position: two hands, two knees! He didn't really seem to enjoy it though, and he didn't do it for long before switching back to his customary scoot...but today, he was again experimenting with a crawling position, making me wonder whether he will indeed get skilled at crawling before he begins to walk. I had almost given up on that thought, assuming that he would go straight from scooting to walking; but he surprises me and I don't know what to expect!

The other thing that Tobin did--and I think this is completely adorable--was learning to spin on the Sit-n-Spin all by himself! This happened on Sunday when Jeff had the excellent idea to bring the Sit-n-Spin up to the living room and let the boys have fun with it (it had been sitting around in our library, one of those toys that the boys saw all the time but had gotten tired of so they just ignored it...putting it in a different location made it seem fresh!). When I came downstairs after my nap on Sunday, they were excited for me to see Tobin's big accomplishment. :)
Here is a short video of Tobin that I took yesterday afternoon, showing off his new skill... :)
...and a video from last week, showing off his old skill.
Several people asked me recently, "Have you made a video of Tobin scooting?" because someday it will be so much fun to show Tobin how he used to get around. Well, I had done some short video clips weeks ago; but it was fun to do another one. Even though Tobin's scooting is so vivid to me now, I know my memory of it will grow dim and I'll think, "Now how in the world did he do that?" This way, I'll be able to watch him scoot even when he's 18 and goes off to face the world...or when he's 25 and gets married...or when he's 37 and welcomes his fourth child...or when he's 50 and has some gray hair. We'll always remember that he was our little Scooter. We love you, Scoots!!!


Valerie said...

Ok, that scoot is just precious! And highly effective I might add. :)
Only one of mine ever crawled the "right" way. He was my latest walker too. No idea if the 2 are related in any way. Just an observation. :)

As for Josiah falling out of bed... my parents tell me a story of when I was little - probably around 5 or 6 - and we were visiting my Grandparents. My Grandma had come in to check on my sister and I before she went to bed but she couldn't find me. She searched the house and started to panic. Finally she looked under the bed and there I was! I had fallen out, rolled under, and stayed asleep through it all! She had to wake my dad to drag me out and toss me back in bed. I never woke up. :)
But back to Josiah, glad he wasn't hurt and they he went right back to sleep. :)

Kristen said...

Logan is a scooter too. He can get on his hands and knees, but when it's time to move it's onto the belly for speed! It is neat to see each child and their similarities and their differences. God is into the details!

Michelle said...

Too cute!! Your boys are adorable!

Misty said...

Wow, he's pretty good at that sit-n-spin!! Elissa had no idea how to work the one in the waiting room at the doctor's office the other day. So cute how he just scooted right on up on it!
He is soo cute with his little scoot though. Good thing you have nice smooth floor though or he'd probably really wear out his pants..lol

Beth said...

That is the cutest (and fastest) little scoot that I have ever seen! Thank you for sharing that!

michelle said...

that is such a funny scoot! what a cutie! :)

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

You and your boys are just busy and cute and seem so happy! I am still so impressed by your ability to blog at this early stage...but then I am sure it will help you to remember all this stuff that you might otherwise forget!