Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy as a Clam

During some snuggle time tonight, Jeff asked David, "Are you as happy as a clam?"

David's honest answer: "What's a clam?" :)

He may not know what a clam is--or if he's as happy as one--but I can tell you this: I am.

This day of simple pleasures has been delightful...putting clean laundry away; organizing my thoughts and supplies for the beginning of our homeschool year (which we won't officially start for a while yet, not until after Jeff's mom leaves); enjoying a great chat with my mother-in-law this afternoon; nursing Shav while sitting outside on the swing this evening and, at the same time, watching Tobin scoot around on the lawn, watching David drive the Gator in circles around the swingset and English walnut tree, and watching Josiah race around the yard holding sticks and fighting his mock battles; knowing that, while I relaxed outside, a delicious dinner of taquitos was being prepared inside; feeling stable emotionally and energetic physically...all of these added up to turn this ordinary day into something extraordinary.

I suppose a large part of my happiness today is also due to the fact that this five-week stage of Shav's life is so special, mainly because he's really hitting the smiles-a-lot phase. This morning, he grinned at me more than ever before; and I felt my spirits soar. The eye contact, the smiles, the little noises that aren't crying, the way his mouth moves as if he's longing to form words and tell me what he's thinking--these are precious aspects of my five-week Shav. Sweet, sweet Shav!


Beth said...

I love it. I love your contentment. What a sweet, sweet feeling! I can't wait to meet little Shav one wait....I can't wait to meet you! :) We've got to start there first!

Elizabeth said...

Yah!! What a great place to be...and what sweeties you have...I'd love to meet them someday...