Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TTT - Moses and Adam

Almost every evening before we eat supper, Jeff reads a short devotional; and this particular book that we're using now for these devotionals always includes two questions at the end of the story--one that Jeff lets Josiah answer and one for David. One day recently, Jeff read about how Moses fled from Egypt to Midian and went from being a prince to a shepherd (Exodus 2:11-25); and at the end he asked David the question, "Why did Moses run away from Egypt?"

David: Because he had nothing to do.

Jeff: He was bored?

David: Yeah.

Well...not exactly, David Dear...something about being a murderer on Pharoah's Most Wanted list was probably a stronger motivation for Moses than simply boredom! :)

Later on in the meal, Josiah said to David, "You're the funniest boy I've ever met." :)


Yesterday as we were enjoying the pleasant evening air outside, David announced to me, "I wish I was Adam in the Bible..."

I wondered what was going to come next, suspecting that I could guess David's reason. Sure enough, David continued by saying, "...so I could be naked outside!"


Sally said...

That last one was way too funny! I've never heard that one before.

Miriam said...

Ok, the first one was good, but that second one made me laugh!!

Bonnie said...


bekahcubed said...

So was that your guess? (That David would want to be naked?)

Davene said...

Yes, it was my guess. Sometimes I don't have a clue how his mind works; but on that one, I somehow knew what was coming. :)

Charree said...

That is too funny, especially the last part. You never know what will come into kiddos's minds.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

That is so funny - naked outside. Kids are hilarious.

Bored Moses...LOL. We are in the midst of reading about Moses and the exodus in our bible. It has sparked some great conversation.

I let them WAtch the Prince of Egypt and we loved it. But it was a bit much for my 5 year old - she had some bad dreams, so we won't be watching anytime soon. My almost 7 year old and I loved it and got to talk about the differences between the real story and the movie version. It did a great job of bringing some things to light for us to discuss.

Happy TTT!

Margie said...

This sounds totally cheesy, but David's last statement is so funny that you could send it to Reader's Digest and perhaps make a little money! Just a thought...