Sunday, August 16, 2009

Simple Sunday - Jerusalem Mirrors

(changing the subject from baby talk to decorating...)
~ thankful for the pair of tiled mirrors we brought from Israel when we moved back to the States...we bought these in the Old City of Jerusalem, which is famous for its pottery and tiles (among other things!)...Jeff carefully wrapped them to ensure against breakage during the trip, and I looked forward to them being on our blue bedroom walls...the only problem was that our bedroom walls didn't turn blue until this year, only about four years after I thought they would! :)...all that time, the mirrors were tucked away in my closet, waiting for their I'm thrilled to see them on the wall, and I delight in the way they coordinate with the paint color we chose, the material of the Roman shades at the windows, and everything else about the room...they are special treasures to me!


Jolanthe said...

They are beautiful! :) Love seeing the peek of you and Shaz.


Cherishing Young Biblical Womanhood said...

I can't remember if I told you how beautiful that baby Shav is! I love those pictures of him. I'm glad you're enjoying your family as always, even through the rough spots. Someone commented how you can take what we all feel and put it into words, it is so true. I love how you can do that and I also agree that I admire your commitment to blogging, I am so encouraged by your blog. It's a funny thing how words put in the right order and in the right way can bring such comfort and encouragement to a tired weary soul. Is there such a thing as e-encouragement? It sure seems so, and I thank God for it.
In Him,

Elizabeth said...

They are beautiful Davene! I love blue! The tile work looks awesome!


Charree said...

Yay for finally getting to use your mirrors. They look really nice up against your wall color.

bekahcubed said...

How gorgeous!

Margie said...

Terrific, wonderful, unique mirrors. And I love the picture of you and Shav in the background.