Sunday, September 26, 2010

Careless in the Care of God

~ I took this picture of birds feeding in our backyard - I think it was during the winter of 2007

This weekend has reminded me that, truly, I'm an introvert.  It's been WONDERFUL, but all the people contact has completely zapped my energy.  I don't mind though; after all, what better outlet to spend my energy on than people?

In the midst of it, I do feel God's strength and provision in specific, reassuring ways.  What a comfort to be "careless in the care of God!"

I'm thankful for:
~ an incredible friend, Kathy, who coordinated the reception for my dad,
~ ALL the people who helped out, in ways large and small
~ my niece's son, Christian, who showed tenderness and compassion to Josiah after he got (minorly) hurt
~ my brother's family who made the trip down from Pennsylvania for the reception and spent the night here with us
~ late night conversations about anything and everything
~ cousins having so much fun together
~ a husband who says, "sure, you can go take a nap; I'll handle things"

As I launch into a new week, filled with familiar activities and unforeseen challenges and a never-ending to-do list, I want to cling to this reminder of God's all-need-supplying love, so that I can remain "careless in the care of God."

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