Monday, September 6, 2010

Last Year I Didn't Even...

...decorate my house for fall (a project that I love and look forward to with great anticipation).  I distinctly remember thinking about doing it, but then deciding not to worry about it.  Thick in the fog of Newborn-in-the-House Syndrome,  I could barely keep up with the essentials, much less the extras.  And decorating for fall was clearly an extra.

This year, however, is a different story.  Although there are still times when I feel like I'm not sure I can keep up with the essentials (like laundry...clean underwear for everyone in the house is kind of an essential!), I am keenly aware of how much more energy and vision I have for the extras this year.  I wouldn't say that life always feels easy, but it certainly feels a lot easier than it did a year ago!  My perspective is helped when I think back to September of last year, and I realize how far we as a family of six have come.

All of this went through my head this year as I joyfully pulled out my fall decorations which, although nothing fancy, are precious to me.  
Much more precious to me is the boy in the background of the above photo.  Let's take a closer look at him...

What are you doing, Tobin Bear?  Eating breakfast?  Smiling for the camera?  Happy that fall is almost here? Glad to see stuffed pumpkins and gourds and scarecrows around?
Me, too.  :)

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