Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TTT - That's Heaven?!

It's been ages (Josiah, my literalist, would correct me and say, "No, Mom, you haven't even been alive for ages.") since I did a TTT post.  I just haven't had my ears tuned into my boys' conversations...or my pencil ready to jot down their comments before they slip my mind.  But this past week, I did happen to notice--and write down--a few things that David said that made me smile.


Take a little Bible knowledge and a little scientific knowledge, mix them in the brain of a five year-old, and this might come out:  David asked, "When Jesus goed (he still needs to remember to say "went") through the clouds, did He get wet?"  I wasn't sure what angle to use in my response so I employed the classic you've-got-me-stumped-but-I-don't-want-you-to-know-it response.  "Hmmm, that's a great question!" I answered.  "What do YOU think?"  This answer is second in popularity only to the profound, "You'll have to wait and ask God when you get to heaven."


Speaking of heaven...

We just finished reading The Jesus Storybook Bible together (and I loved it, by the way!); and when we got to the last story about John's exile on the island of Patmos and his vision of heaven, I opened the book to that page and read the title, "A Dream of Heaven."  David took one look at the picture and burst out with an incredulous, "That's heaven????"  It was obvious from his voice that he was keenly disappointed; clearly it didn't even come close to his expectations!  He was mighty relieved when I (laughingly, I couldn't help it) explained that it was actually showing the island where John was imprisoned.  And yes indeed, heaven will be far better than that!


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Debbie said...

I can just imagine your poor son's mind just riveting around that picture of heaven. That is so funny!

Elizabeth said...

Lol Davene! I feel like I am right there with you all in the room. So cute! I wish I could come over and spend an afternoon with you! I am thankful that I at least get you through a blogging!


mamajil said...

So cute!!I love it when kids ask a question like this!! I agree with Elizabeth, I feel like I am right there with y'all too!!

kewkew said...

Interesting question David asked. I love your responses used for the questions that stump you. :)
Yes, if that was heaven I guess I would be showing some disappointment too.
Just stopped by from Tiny Talk Tuesday. Nice to meet you.