Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fans. Big Fans. Faithful Fans.

We've been having some issues with our computer--or rather, our Internet connection.  It's eye-opening to realize how cut-off-from-the-world I feel when forced to go even a short amount of time without checking email or blogs!

But this interval of computer trouble had an unexpected benefit, in the form of an endearing moment involving my dad.  The phone rang this afternoon; and when I answered, his voice said, "I thought maybe you would want Mother to come up and keep your boys so you could come down here and get on the Internet and blog."  I laughed a little (was he feeling so deprived already, even though my latest blog post had been posted just a little over 24 hours previously??), but in all seriousness I appreciated his offer--not just because I was grateful for my parents' willingness to help out in that way, but more so because it showed how much they value my blog.  Besides Jeff, my parents are my biggest fans, not only with the blog, of course, but with all of life.  They've been that way for years, and I could write pages about how they showed their support to me in all my various endeavors during my growing-up years (and since then).  But even though I'm all grown-up at 34, I still care deeply about their opinion, and the fact that both my mom and my dad eagerly read my blog--and miss it when I don't post--means so much to me.

Not only are they right at the top of the list when it comes to my biggest fans, I want to return the favor by being their biggest fan, too.   It's easy to be their fan.  I'm confident that it's well-documented in this blog how close and special the relationship between the eight of us (my family of six, and my parents) is.  I don't want to present a false appearance though:  our family has its share of dysfunction, just like every family.  But the more I see and hear about the incredibly deep pain and heartache that so many families go through, the more grateful I am for the life I've been given.

As president of my parents' fan club :), I'm excited about an event that is coming up in just two days:  a retirement reception for my dad.  The planning process has been helped along by so many people, and I definitely don't have the full weight of it on my shoulders; but it has required an extra amount of my time and attention this week.  Between that and our Internet issues, I feel like the blog has suffered a little...but oh well. Life goes on.

To end with, my latest recipe at The Foodie Spot is something that everyone in my family (especially my dad!) is a huge fan of.  I wish I had one with a tall glass of milk right now.  Yum.  Maybe I'll dream about it tonight.  :)

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Morning said...

Sounds like fun -- busy fun, but exciting all the same. Your Dad is sure to enjoy himself (and I'm sure the whole family will, too)!