Thursday, September 30, 2010

Completely and Hopelessly...


I've been having fun tonight getting my October header and layout ready.  But I have one small problem:  I can't decide which background to use.  

Normally in situations like this, I would have a quick consultation with my in-house design expert, and he would help me decide; but at the present time, he's lying horizontally a few feet from me and...well...his snores aren't telling me much.  I keep going back and forth, but not I'm going to post these options so that when Jeff looks at my blog tomorrow, he can then tell me which one I should use!  :)

Option A:

Option B:

Option C:

Option D:

Option E:

And Option F, which is the current background on the blog.  I would post a screen capture of it, but The Powers That Be at Google just informed me that I have used up all my free storage space for photographs, so I need to purchase more.  Well!  We'll see about that.  

I would go ahead and buy the storage space now so I could be a perfectionist and post Option F along with the others, but I'd really like to ask my resident computer expert first, already know what he's doing.  :)


Jeff Fisher said...

I like the one you have up! (With Candy Corn!)

Julie said...

Hey! I was just about to post that the one you have up is the most fun, but your resident advisor beat me to it. I agree with Jeff!

mary bailey said...

Option F, definitely! What says "October" better than candy corn? Love that pic of your boys!

Lil' Momma @ Five in Training for HIM said...

Oh I like the one you have up the best. But they all are cute. LOVE the banner picture!!!

Davene said...

When morning came, I thought about this and decided that I liked the candy corn one the best, so I would stick with that. To read these comments then was very reassuring. Thanks, everyone! It looks like it's unanimous! :)

mamajil said...

they are all cute!!! I haven't quite figured out how to make cute backgrounds like this....maybe one day :)

Margie said...

So that's what the storage space notice means. You have to BUY more? Goodness. And I do, very much, like the background you chose. Perfect for the month!