Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This One's Too Short, This One's Too Noisy...

This morning, it dawned (pun intended) on me that Jeff slept in four different spots last night--all within our house, of course.

First, he fell asleep on the little couch in our living room.

Then, he came up to our bed and slept there.

Next, he left our bedroom when I told him he should.  And why should I tell him such a thing?  Because Shav, dear little Shavi, who has been doing much better with sleep than he used to, had a relapse last night and cried and fussed terribly.  I didn't mind being up with him, but I figured that Shav's crying didn't need to disturb both Jeff's and my I told Jeff, "Why don't you go sleep somewhere else?"  :)  When I came downstairs this morning, I noticed that the pillow on the big couch was rumpled, and the blanket was lying abandoned on that was spot #3.

But where was Jeff?  Josiah and David were downstairs in the library; but when I asked David if Daddy was down there, I thought he indicated that he was not.  So I started looking through the house.  Had he gone back to our bed?  No.  Was he in Tobin's room?  Nope.  Josiah and David's room?  Not there.  One of the bathrooms?  Negative.  I checked the doors to see if he had gone outside to pick peppers and pray.  Both doors were locked, and the alarm system was still on, so he obviously hadn't gone out that way.  I headed downstairs to check the garage, thinking maybe he had somehow snuck out in the Jeep to go climb Mole Hill or something (although "sneaking out" with the Jeep is a misnomer since when you use that noisy vehicle, you lose any element of surprise whatsoever).  If the Jeep was still there, then where in the world was Jeff?  The thought literally flashed through my head that maybe the Rapture had happened.  :)

And then, I peeked into the library - and found him - asleep on the guest bed there, just the top of his head sticking out from under the covers.  That was the fourth place.

In this regard - and only in this regard - Jeff has something in common with Goldilocks..except she only tried out three sleeping places.



Anonymous said...

"...maybe the Rapture had happened."

LOL! That is a running joke around our house!

Mike and Katie said...

We're still working on our little bug too. We had made some good progress. Almost two weeks of good nights and then this cold struck. When she's sick or likely to get sick I feel like it's so much better if I nurse her at night. So, we'll try again when she's better. I did discover that I can turn on the bathroom fan and open the door and that keeps Mike sleeping even if she's fussing.

Polly said...

Oh, my sweet husband has been ordered to do the same thing, too, on a few nights when the little guy would NOT sleep very well. It didn't happen often, but I have had to ask my husband to go get some good rest somewhere else before b/c I was so concerned he wouldn't! Fortunately at the time we had TWO extra, unused, 'guest' beds in the house!

Theresa said...

So precious! It's good to catch up on your blog. :)