Friday, September 3, 2010

When Jeff Heads to the Garden...

...his little two-year-old helper tags along.
Tobin has found such delight in being in the garden this summer with his daddy.
And he's learned a few things, too.
Like, if you put your fingers in your mouth after you've been picking hot peppers, you will regret it.
And, washing the peppers for Daddy is really fun because not only do you get to play in water... also get thanked for being such a big, real helper. (He really is a real helper this summer!)
Most of all...
...being Daddy's buddy is the BEST.


Morning said...

your photos are gorgeous -- that light! and do tell, are those acres of corn in the background? what a beautiful place to live!

Davene said...

Thank you, Morning! Yes, that is corn in the background. The neighbor who lives behind the hill from us is a farmer, and that is one of his fields. He usually grows corn in it (although he rotates his crops some), and I love watching the cycle of the corn being planted, then growing tall, then being harvested. Just a few days ago, he started chopping it, so the field will be bare soon.

As you're heading into spring and enjoying the blossoming stage, we're getting ready for fall! :)