Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You Might Be a Mom If... really look forward to your lunch of left-overs from the previous night's dinner...but you have to reheat it in the microwave three or four times because as soon as you heat it and think you'll have time to sit down and eat it, someone needs you and you're called away and the food gets cold again.'ve learned the Mom Trick of drumming up enthusiastic responses in your children by using the term "special."  "David, I have a special job for you!  Will you be Grandma's special helper and carry this pitcher down to her house?" said in a slightly excited, mysterious voice achieves much better results than "David, take this pitcher to Grandma's."  In the same way, asking Tobin in a high, cheerful voice, "Do you want to wear these special wood gloves?" comes across much better than the "You can't go help Daddy with the wood unless you put these on" statement that is likely to elicit a tinge of stubbornness from the two-year-old at your feet.'ve ever opened your refrigerator and discovered that your toddler has put a Winnie the Pooh bib on the third shelf, right next to the eggs and butter.

...when in a public place, you find yourself repeatedly doing a head count - 1,2,3,4 - just to make sure all your children are still with you and safe.  When you pay attention, you realize that you actually do this approximately every 27.3 seconds.

...your idea of arm exercises is carrying your baby...and a really good workout occurs when you lift your baby in one arm and your toddler in the other...your legs get exercised, not just by the constant running after children that you do, but also by the underdogs you give your children on the swings. can't rest easy until you've tiptoed around to all your sleeping children and checked on them one more time before you--finally--lay your weary body down in your bed.

...your heart aches from the beauty of it all.


Sally said...

Ahhh...sounds like you have an interesting life. I love those pictures!

We're having an interesting life over here too. I will blog about this eventually, but after taking Marie to the dr. on Monday (for extreme crying, fussing, and seeming to be in pain that only got worse & not better with time), we are treating her for reflux by keeping her propped up at all times and giving her Zantac. It slowly seems to be helping. I'm finally getting a little more sleep around here, and finally able to think of more than "Why is Marie crying and when will this ever be over?"

So, we're still looking forward to seeing you guys again at one of your Bible Studies, but we've had to deal with this right now before we gallivant around too much!

mamajil said...

Love it!! and its so true!! Not so long ago I found a plastic mouse in the refrigerator sitting on top of a wedge of boys are pranksters!! :) The bib however sounds much more endearing!

Margie said...

Love the way you close this post. Yes.