Monday, October 18, 2010

Airport. Waiting. Boys. Entertaining.

I've just about used up my quota of words for today.  I hope these pictures and videos from yesterday are self-explanatory.

See Josiah at the bottom right of the picture?  He was crawling under there so he could surprise Tobin.  It worked.  :)

I couldn't help taking a lot of pictures of Jeff and Shav.  Whew...something about the man you love holding the baby you love...melts me every time.

What does your family do when you're waiting in an airport?  Us?  We do...well...we do some of this:

The moment we were waiting for.  Who can stay completely dry-eyed at that first cry of "Grandma!" and the headlong dash towards her?
Not me, folks.  Not me.


Elizabeth said...

Davene what sweeeeet pictures and videos! I still can't get over how all the boys scoot before they walk! So so so cute!

My favorite thing to do while waiting at the airport would be watching all the travelers and Oh how I would have enjoyed watching all of you!!

Anonymous said...

Such sweet pictures of your boys! I can tell they were so excited about seeing Grandma. Loved seeing Shav's scooting in action! Enjoy your visit with your MIL.

Christie said...

Loved to see Shav in action!!

Praying that you all are having a great time with Grandma!!

Leah said...

You better be careful having a cute little scooter like that free to roam, because if I were a passerby in that airport, I would snatch him and keep him for myself! ;-) I actually squealed when the video showed him scooting; too cute!