Saturday, October 23, 2010

Put a BOY in It

At the Frontier Culture Museum two days ago, I was waiting with Shav and the stroller outside the blacksmith shop while the rest of the family was inside, watching the blacksmith work and marveling at the time and determination and talent it took to produce a single nail or link of chain back in the 1700s.  I liked the look of the old wall and the window and this metal hoop.  Snap went my camera shutter.
But then I thought to myself that it needed something else.  A person would add significantly to the photo.  Brooks and Dunn think the answer is to "Put a Girl in It," but with all due respect to them, I'd rather put a boy in it.  :)
I happen to have a few of those handy, so when this one wandered out of the shop, ready for a change of pace after having used up his attention span watching the blacksmith pound a piece of metal, I asked him to pose.
He did it uncomplainingly.
If I had asked him to stop sucking his thumb, he might have complained!
 But thumb in mouth, the blacksmith's fire glowing through the window behind him, he contentedly stood as my camera did its work.
My sweet Tobin Bear.  How I love him.


Elizabeth said...

What cool pictures Davene! The building is really neat looking and I love how you put Tobin in the shot. So cute how he is just sucking his thumb nonchalantly. I'm a little behind on your encouraging blog. I love to come here and read for a peaceful enjoyable moment. Your pictures look so nice. Much love and Happy Sunday!

Morning said...

Luckily you have plenty of boys to add to a picture -- and lucky they're so cute!

Ceci said...

so cute!

Liberty said...

Very nice... We love Tobin Bear too. I can hear him saying, "Oh Dear."

By the way, I didn't know you listened Brooks and Dunn?

Davene said...

Guilty pleasure alert: I love country music. Shhh, don't tell. ;-)

Actually, I used to listen to country music a lot, but I rarely do now. Now that I have kids that are old enough to hear and understand and remember lyrics from songs, I never listen to the country music station when they're around because you just never know what song is going to come on next, and there are some songs that I do NOT want to have stuck in my boys' heads (or in my head either, for that matter!). But once in a while, when I'm by myself, I'll listen to country music.

I've heard "Put a Girl in It" a few times; and when I took this series of photos of Tobin, I couldn't help but think of it...and just had to switch one word to make it work for my boy! :)