Monday, October 25, 2010


These days, nothing delights Shav more than standing.  The only thing he's good at using to pull up by himself is the bathtub; whether in or out of it, he grabs hold of the edge and quickly and easily stands up.  But when he's not close to the bathtub, he scoots around until he finds some kind soul, then he holds up his little hands and looks pitiful :) until that kind soul reaches down, grabs him by the hands, and helps him stand up.  After that, it's a breeze; he stands and slowly-but-surely cruises, holding onto chairs, the couch, people, whatever he can find, until his legs get so tired; and then a sudden plop is heard and he's down on the floor again, ready to scoot.  This afternoon, Shav, after I helped him to his feet, stood by the school desk as David did his math lesson.  We watched in amusement as Shav jabbered nonsense to David and pointed excitedly to the page as if to say, "Do this problem, David!  This is the one!"  David loved having his littlest brother be his audience, Shav loved being upright and able to see over the edge of the desk, and I, delighted, loved seeing DELIGHT written all over Shav's face.


Morning said...

Dear little boy! And David was being so patient. It's lovely to see brothers together.

Sally said...

I'm so glad to see it's possible to successfully and happily homeschool with a 1-year-old! You inspire me.

Christie said...

He is too cute! Love the pictures!