Saturday, October 30, 2010

Around the World and Back in Time...

...that's where we traveled during our recent visit to the Frontier Culture Museum.  Can you believe that I almost convinced myself that I didn't need to take my camera??  "After all," I thought, "I already have SO MANY pictures that need to be sorted.  Do I need to add another hundred to that amount?"  And then I came to my senses and realized that, YES, I did need to take my camera and take a hundred (at least!) pictures.  :)

I've nearly run out of words for today, so although I would love to write lengthy captions for each photo and tell all the little details of our field trip, I won't.  KISS.  Keep It Simple, Stupid.  That's what the writers told us in college.  I try, but then I think of so many wonderful words that I'd like to use!  It's rough.  :)

I loved these carved doors in the West African village.

Shav didn't care that his hair was sticking up.  :)

It was a gloriously beautiful day; we wouldn't have wanted it to be any warmer or any colder.  It was just right.  But ack, this bright sun on David's face was terrible for portraits!

Josiah had two favorite parts of the day.  One of them was this noodle-making adventure; after he watched for a little while, the lady let him do the work and make the noodles, which he thought was great fun.

I like my boots.  :)

Bowling:  the way it used to be.

To prove I was there (since I'm never in pictures), I held out the camera and took this silly picture.  :)

Although we admired the simplicity of life back in the good old days, we came away grateful for some of the modern technology that makes our lives so easy these days...
...modern technology like a cell phone...which Jeff used throughout the day to take calls and make haircut appointments.  :)

Here's more proof that I was there:  Jeff had control of the camera while I went into this little log cabin.
He took a few pictures of me...
 ...if you can spot me.  :)

This was Josiah's other favorite part of the day: listening to an old-timey guitar and fiddle duo.  I wish I had been able to get the musicians in these pictures, but the angle was such that I couldn't do it.

I really love seeing the four of them lined up in a row like this.  :)

I still like my boots.  :)

At the end, we went into an old barn that reminded me so much of my grandparents' barn in Pennsylvania.  They are no longer living (on earth), and the farm has been sold; but my memories of adventures in that barn remain.
I liked looking into this haymow from outside (above) and from inside (below).
The sunshine coming through the cracks was so brilliant.
Definitely a nostalgic place for me.  I wanted to wander around and take pictures of all the little details in that barn:  grain bins, straw on the floor, old farming tools, etc...but it was time to say goodbye to the museum and head for home.  

It had been a very good day.


Sally said...

Davene, after reading this post, the first words in my mind were, "Davene, I love you". I love your family, the way you put things, the great pictures you take, and that you're willing to take the time to share so much of your life with all of us. I really feel like your blog is my TV show. I keep up with your family, look forward to the next episode, and every time I drive by your house I glance over to see if I can spot any of the celebrities out "performing" for the next blog post! Isn't that crazy? This evening, on the way to Bible Study, I believe I saw some warriors out fencing under a tree. I know I can't possibly love your children as much as you do, but I do really like them. Anyway, even though I don't always comment (usually I've got Marie when I'm checking blogs), I often want to peck one out. And, I do read your blog, maybe a little too faithfully!

Davene said...

Oh, Sally, I love YOU! Wow, you really know how to be an encourager! THANK YOU!!! :)

And yes, we did have a battle going on outside our house this evening. When I asked Josiah and David what they were playing, they said, "Peasants against knights and castles." I forgot to ask them later who won. ;-)

Christie said...

Looks like y'all had a great time. Love the pictures. Your boys are beautiful, as always!

Thanks for sharing!