Tuesday, October 12, 2010

TTT - Slobber and an Unbiblical View of Retaliation

In just a few days, David will officially be five and a half, a wonderful age for Tiny Talk Tuesday fodder!  :)  Like these things that escaped his mouth recently and made me smile...


David: "Why do you put slobber on me..." (at this point, I was thinking, "WHAT are you talking about?!") "...when my face is dirty?"
Me: "Because that's how mommies clean their babies. Think about cats. And lions. And...and...other animals. They lick their babies to clean them. So when your face is dirty and I don't have water or a wipe or anything else to clean it with, I use my saliva on my finger."
David: "It's called saliva?"
Me: "Yes."
David: "I thought it was slobber."
Me: "Well, saliva is the proper word for it. When I need to clean your face, would you prefer for me to use some of your own saliva on my finger to do it?"
David: "Yes!"
Me (in my thoughts): "Whew, problem solved. Whatever floats your boat, kid." :)  And for the record, it's not like I often clean his face this way!!


During a dispute (with Tobin, I'm sure...they are currently the Sandpaper Boys, rubbing each other abrasively so many times a day)...
Me: "What did Jesus tell us to do? When someone hits us on one cheek..."
David: "Turn around and hit him on the other cheek??"
Well, not exactly. In fact, not even close.


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bekahcubed said...

"Turn around and hit him on the other cheek?" I think a lot of people misread that verse the same way :-) Of course, few of them would be bold enough to admit that's how they live their lives. Kinda convicting.

New Mom said...

Haha! I like to interpret that verse that way also... especially when it comes to arguements with Nathan! Thanks for checking up on me. I'm ok, just busy. I find that the older Asher gets the harder it is to keep up with both boys and everything else too! Can't wait till Nathan's chaotic schedule is OVER!

Anonymous said...

hehe The turn around and hit them on the other cheek totally cracked me up!!