Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cows in the House Syndrome

This afternoon as I sat down to eat a late lunch, I looked around my empty living room and kitchen and thought, "It's so quiet in here today," which immediately reminded me of the book Cows in the House by Beverly Lewis which describes a boy in Thailand who is frustrated by the noise and commotion in his house.  His wise grandfather gives him various instructions about how to help the situation, involving bringing more people and noise and commotion (and, yes, even cows) into the house; and then of course, when all the excess is removed, the boy realizes that his home, in his normal living situation, is really not very noisy at all!

When I took some leaves out of our kitchen table yesterday to return it to its normal size, I thought, "This table looks so small!"  With only nine eating around it tonight, it seemed strange.  And even with adding a few people to our home tonight for a Bible study, we didn't even come close to the activity level present a few nights ago.  Can't you just feel the energy throbbing through these snapshots?  :)

Today, as I reminisce about the memory-making days of the Woods' visit of 2010, I'm so glad that we took so many pictures!  :)

These last pictures make me laugh because I remember how the other children were excitedly crowding around sweet little Asia...
...and lovin' on her...
 ...until she spit up.
They scattered in a hurry, their loud chorus of "ewwww" and "gross" echoing as they ran.  That little girl knows how to break up a crowd.  ;-)

And tonight, without a crowd, this house feels a little bit empty.


bekahcubed said...

I know the feeling. My family is so used to having over a dozen at Sunday dinner that we're astonished at having "only" the nine of us every so often!

Mike and Katie said...

That's funny about the baby spit. Tali's a good one for that too.

Anonymous said...

I like the analogy of the cows in the house!

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Liberty said...

Okay, once again, emotional! This was such a wonderful visit.

I love the last image, you can even see the spit up hanging from her mouth. Priceless!