Sunday, October 17, 2010


~ Jeff took this picture of me when I was heavily pregnant with Tobin - December 2007

Before I say anything else, let me answer one question:  no, I am not pregnant.  :)  But as I thought about the idea of expectation, I couldn't think of any time in my life that better exemplifies this than when I've been pregnant and longing ardently to meet my unborn child.  That's expectation!

I've had expectation on the brain because Jeff's mom arrived today, and all of us - but particularly Josiah and David - have been waiting in expectation for her to come.  It's a beautiful thing to watch the boys' excitement build and build and build until the moment when they first see her and run into her arms.

When I think about the way I relate to my Heavenly Father (or Daddy in Heaven, to state it more casually), I am encouraged by this verse to not just pray about things, not just wait to see how He works on my behalf, but to wait in expectation.  Expectation is being sure of results.  When I'm reaching the end of a pregnancy, I am sure that I will deliver that baby and meet it face to face.  As the days ticked down for Grandma Fisher to arrive, Josiah and David were sure that she would come and they would see her.  I need to grow in my willingness to wait expectantly...

...and that demands faith.

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