Friday, September 18, 2009

6 Minutes

About an hour ago, while the house was peaceful and still with the older boys having quiet time and the younger ones sleeping, I decided I would ignore all the responsible things I could have been doing and lie down for a little nap instead. It's a good thing I prepped myself for a little nap because it lasted all of 6 minutes. I laid down at 1:50, happened to see the clock at 1:52, was asleep immediately after that, then was awakened at 1:58 by Shav crying in his cradle. The boy couldn't wait to drink more of that oh-so-delicious milk his mommy makes. I'm honored.

I've always admitted that I don't do well with chronic sleep deprivation; but fortunately for me, Babywise has always done the trick before, and the three older boys have been great sleepers, sleeping through the night fairly consistently at the age of two or two and a half months. Shav doesn't seem to be such a great sleeper; he still only goes about three hours (or sometimes four) at night between feedings. I know we could possibly be on the brink of a great sleep breakthrough as he nears his two month birthday, but for now, as I drown in waves of fatigue, I wonder, "When will I ever get sleep???" I'm so tired that I almost invariably fall asleep soon after sitting down to nurse Shav (that is, unless I'm forced to stay awake to make sure Tobin doesn't injure himself or destroy too much personal property around here), and my middle-of-the-night reading has slowed to a trickle since I've got two non-fiction books that I've started but am finding myself completely incapable of making any progress in, due to instantaneous slumber as soon as I pick them up. Jeff was amused the other night, watching me sit upright in my glider rocker, fast asleep, my head bobbing and jerking around without adequate support, holding Shav while he nursed. He didn't say this, but I was probably drooling, too. Lovely.

At least I didn't drop Shav.


Misty said...

Oh I feel you, Davene! Here's praying he turns into a good sleeper - and soon!

Valerie said...

I always wondered how you nursed and read a book. I always wanted to but never had the energy to even pick up a book. As soon as the baby started to nurse I was sound asleep. My husband got so use to seeing me sitting in my rocking chair with the baby latched on and both of us conked out. :)

Sally said...

Oh, I feel for you! I hope better days are soon coming, sleepwise, at least. There are only so many things others can do for you, and nursing the baby through the night so you can sleep is not one of them. I'll be praying extra for you.

Elizabeth said...

Reading this and your previous post, I can't imagine the strength you need having four young children.
I glean a lot of insight for preparation for our future! :)

I wish so badly that I could be closer to you, because I would love to lend any sort of helping hand that I could! And I wouldn't give you a chance to say yes or no! :P I understand about asking for help. I believe I am the same way.

I am looking forward to hearing that you were able to catch up on some sleep.

Much love Davene,


Margie said...

I think you know that I understand. I went months and months (stretching into years) with light sleeper Sarah, and it takes a toll on mom and those around her. I'm so sorry Shav isn't getting the Babywise routine. And with homeschooling, you are not able to take much of a break. I hope this weekend you can find a snippet (or two) of time to sleep and relax. I know you need it.

I wish I lived closer to help!

Jolanthe said...

I well remember those late night feedings when I was so exhausted that I would fall asleep almost immediately after beginning to nurse.

And then wake up 45 minutes later with a 'snap', realizing the baby was asleep in my arms and not nursing...and wondering how long they actually DID nurse and when I would be woken up again!

I know it's hard when you're in the midst of it...but it won't be much longer!!!