Friday, September 25, 2009

Life Expectancy

While doing school recently, Josiah and I learned that the life expectancy of a honeybee is 38 days...which made me think, in the odd way a mind has of connecting disparate thoughts, that I had been hoping the life expectancy of our little boy clothes was four sons. Instead, it seems to be three. Tobin is wearing out the clothes that have been handed down to him from Josiah and David; and it appears that when Shav reaches the 18 month size, he will have precious little to choose from when it comes to apparel. We'll have to hit the thrift stores between now and then so we can replenish our supply.

I guess it's no wonder Tobin is hard on his hand-me-down clothes. Not only does his scooting cause quite a bit of stress on certain areas of his clothes :), but the rough-and-tumble attitude he's developed recently doesn't exactly assist in clothes preservation. He's turned into quite the little wrestler, willing to tackle anyone even though he's just a little shrimp.

Exhibit A:
I'd say Tobin is the clear winner in this match.

Tobin will go after David or Josiah or Jeff--or all three at the same time. It's nearly impossible for Jeff to have a tickle/wrestling fest with the older two without Tobin scooting over as fast as he can to join in the fun. He's a fearless little guy.

I'm very glad to see this aspect of his personality emerging, but it does make it a bit difficult to sit properly on the couch and do school with Josiah and David. Tobin sees people on the couch and must think, "Aha! It's time to tackle these people!" because that's exactly what he does. He'll come over to me, pull himself up by my knee, tug on the couch cushion and grunt until I put the cushion on the floor to make a step of sorts for him to get up on the couch, then climb up to sit beside us. And by "sit" I mean any combination of plop, bounce, squish, wiggle, crawl, squirm, push, stand up, sit down, turn around, wedge himself between David and I, cast himself across my lap to squeeze between Josiah and I, etc. As Tobin's level of movement and activity has increased, homeschool has become quite a contact sport in this household.

No wonder he's shortening the life expectancy of his clothes.


Valerie said...

well, your clothes made it 1 more kid than mine. :) Joseph has nothing to hand down past 3T. Well, shirts are good... pants, not so much. Boys clothes in good condition are so hard to find in thrift shops too. And where we live now thrift shops are sparse... totally miss PA for that.

Jolanthe said...

I might have some stuff to pass along... :)

Misty said...

Glad to hear that homeschooling in your house looks a bit like it does in mine :)

Margie said...

Yes, I'd say three boys probably give clothes a really good wearing out. My latest problem is this: "Elizabeth, are you ready to give this to Sarah? You've outgrown it." "No, it's my FAVORITE. I still wear it." "Well, maybe you can let her wear it now." "Okay. Sarah, do you want to wear this?" I look at Sarah and nod. "No," she responds. "That not mine. That Bibiss." She hands it back and walks away.

Sally said...

It sounds like Tobin behaves like Hannah does when I am trying to read to Paul, or do "school" with him. She's a real wiggle-worm!