Sunday, September 20, 2009

Simple Sunday - Tobin's Walker

~ thankful for this walker for Tobin--a Jeep, no less :)...and thankful for the good progress he's making in the walking department!
~ here he is, in action...and here is my mother in her lovely gardening clothes, hat, and boots :)


Patti said...

My mom almost always protests when I try to take a picture of her with the kids, saying that she is rumpled or her hair is a mess or she has on her gardening clothes or her gigantic reading glasses. I remind her that this is how my kids will remember her and that their memories will have no recollection of mussed hair or bifocals or clothes with grass stains--they will remember that it was she who read to them and let them dig in the dirt and help her water the azaleas. And guided the back of the jeep for the small boy not so sure about walking.

Margie said...

I love your videos, Davene; they make me feel like part of the family. And I think your mom looks snazzy!