Friday, September 4, 2009

Borrowed Cheer

All day long, I've been writing blog posts in my head, then discarding them one by one. The reason? They're too negative. I'll simply say that today was a rough day, and leave it at that because my "keepin' it real" category has been getting too many additions to it recently. Once again, I'm left wondering where the balance is between, on the one hand, being honest/not sugar-coating things so as to appear better than I am and, on the other hand, thinking on the things that are lovely. How real should I be--and how often? Who wants to read about how overwhelmed I feel, yet again? Even more, who wants to write it? Who wants to live it? Is the catharsis I receive worth it when I spill my guts on the blog? Are those gut-spilling times in line with Ephesians 4:29 (no unwholesome talk, only what's helpful for building others up to benefit those who listen)? I know that I receive incredible encouragement when I share my frustrations in this venue and then read comments (like the ones from Jackie and Margie on yesterday's post) that are so uplifting and literally have the ability to change the course of my day as they inspire and energize me to press on a little longer...and I am so grateful for that. But is it self-serving to vent here? Anyway...something to think about...

My spirits were lifted today by an email from Jenn in which she included some pictures that she took yesterday at the park during her outing with Josiah and David. I love these boys so much, and seeing these pictures makes it easy to smile again. Thanks, Jenn, for giving me something cheerful to post!!
~ David in the tube slide, drinking his juice box (which isn't a box at all...should I call it a juice bag?)
~ an action shot of Josiah on the monkey bars...this reminded me of how much I used to love the monkey bars when I was a girl, and now it's fun to see Josiah doing the same


Valerie said...

I know what you mean! While I certainly don't mind reading the posts where you vent/post about a hard day, I feel the same way when it comes to my own blog and facebook. I have been having a terrible day today, but I'm trying so hard to push through and not let the negative win. So I post on facebook with a smile and hope that I'll feel better soon.

Very cute pictures by the way. Josiah is good at the monkey bars (or, at least looks like he is from the picture) :)

mamajil said...

I love the pictures!
I enjoyed the honesty of your know some days, some times some seasons are a bit more challenging than others!! Just be encouraged even Moses had to have his arms held up when he grew weary....

May the Joy of the Lord give you strength!!
Happy weekend!

Cherishing Young Biblical Womanhood said...

I think we all have to let it out some kind of way. It's better to use the computer screen than the husband :-) And we say juice bag. Many years ago I babysat some kids that called them juice bags, and I've used that term ever since.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh I hear you! I think you read a post of mine in which I recorded my overwhelming feelings. I, too, wonder how much venting freely to the world is in line with God's Plan for my blog.

But, I also know that I want my kids to read the blog one day and a little reality will allow them to see me. And our lives. I like that and I think God will use it to lift them when they know mommy had hard days too.

And honestly, I think we can look back with our kids one day and smile on it. And that is the perspective I try to keep when it is all falling apart and I share it :) Like my blog is my own private reality show..and THAT is an episode the audience will get a kick out of one day...HAHAHA!

Hang in there. HOpe school went well today. We did the slow start too and then have revamped.

One day at a time.

Margie said...

Davene, I apologize for not commenting on these posts - I clearly read them, but can only surmise that I was called away by a couple of little girls. They're in school this morning, though not for long, but thought I'd use my time to get caught up. I think it's okay if you write about being tired and overwhelmed, although I don't often go there myself. I've come to realize in hindsight that I felt that way the entire first 2 years of Sarah's life, but am glad I took time to journal the good stuff (it was a little too painful to write about the craziness).

But I think all of us readers understand where you're coming from, that you're grateful in spite of the "pain."

So I'll take this opportunity to say it again: your boys are GREAT, and it's in no small part due to your careful and diligent mothering. I hope you know that! (And Jeff's good fathering, too, of course.)