Tuesday, September 1, 2009

TTT - I Have a Belt!

Ah, a new month! That means a new header, a new background...a fresh start! I think this September is going to be GREAT!

Here are some things that have come out of my boys' mouths recently that I don't want to forget...

~ the way Josiah and David have laughed and laughed as they've watched a movie we borrowed from the library...apparently, The Jungle Book has some hilarious parts because, every time they see it, peals of laughter come up the stairs from where they're watching it...and it makes me pause and smile to hear their unrestrained joy

~ Tobin's word for anything round: he says, "moom"...which came about, I think, because he first started saying it for "balloon," specifically the beautiful, shiny, helium balloons that were given to us after Shav's birth...it's easy to see how "balloon" became "moom" in the mouth of an 18 month-old; and now he uses that same word, not only for balloon, but also for ball...it's so exciting to be able to connect meaning to something that Tobin says; this early stage of language is so fascinating--and occasionally frustrating as I scratch my head trying to figure out what he means!...so when I do understand him, it's a treasure

~ David's excitement on Sunday when he got to really dress up and look--and feel--special...both Josiah and David love to wear ties; and they often ask me on Sunday mornings if they can wear a tie that day (especially if their daddy happens to be wearing one)...but sadly, they don't really have many shirts that a tie would go with...however, after my recent organization project in their bedroom, I was able to discover a shirt for each of them that would go nicely with a tie, so this past Sunday, they both got to wear one--and they were delighted...lots of people noticed how nice they looked and complimented them on it; but what made me laugh was how, whenever someone said to David, "Wow, what a nice tie you have!" David would respond with, "I have a belt!"...and he did have a belt around his waist, a small plain black one, nothing that anyone else would get too excited about...but for him, that was MUCH more significant than a tie!...people looked a little puzzled when their admiration of his tie was met with his proud voice exclaiming, "I have a belt!"...it reminded me that what we think is most significant or will be most exciting to a child is not always correct...it made me think of shortly after Tobin was born, when Josiah had a conversation with our friend Katie McClay...when she asked him if he had anything to tell her, rather than saying anything about the new baby in the house, instead he told her all about his new watch :)...a child's opinion on what is most exciting certainly differs from an adult's, but that unique perspective is often what makes us delight in what they say--and record it in Tiny Talk Tuesday :)


Emily Joy said...

When I picked Joelle up from Sunday School, I told David I liked his tie and (of course!) he said, "I have a belt!"! Such a cutie! :) And I love this new header and background! It looks marvelous!

Margie said...

Such a Big Deal to a Little Boy. I'll think of it the next time I see a belt.

LOVE the header and wallpaper. And to think I was going to ask you not to change it this month...(I had really loved that header of Shav.)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

So true - like T and the bike last week - she was so happy to have a water bottle on her bike. You just never know what thrills them.

Happy TTT!

OH - my son loves the Jungle Book too!