Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Attempt

One of my heroes :) recently posted some newborn pictures she took, and one of the shots included two rings. I knew right away that I wanted to imitate that, although I realized my images wouldn't come close to hers since she blows me away both in the creativity department and the technical know-how. But oh well, I won't let my perfectionism get in the way of capturing a sweet moment with Shav and my ring, even if I can't do it as well as she could have. I would have loved to include Jeff's ring, but alas, he was at work when I was fooling around with the camera so only mine gets in the picture.

I was planning to write more tonight about other things I'm attempting these days, but oh my, would you look at the time! 11:30, and I still need to take a shower tonight before I let my eyes drift shut. Maybe tomorrow I'll find a longer chunk of time in which to write.

I'll attempt it, at least. ;)


Misty said...

you know, I meant to take rings on toes pictures when I did Shav's pics but I totally forgot!

chicknboy said...

oooh! love that picture!

Charree said...

What precious pictures. I really like that idea. I might have to give it a try when our little one gets here.

Have a blessed day!

Cherishing Young Biblical Womanhood said...

How cute! I immediately wanted to try that, but then I had visions of Kason puting the rings in his mouth..choking..911..explaining how I saw it on a blog. You have the perfect age little one, and a cute little model at that!