Monday, September 28, 2009

Pray on Monday

For the past two weeks, I've been practicing a different pattern of prayer on Mondays, including focusing on some very specific prayers for my sons. In years to come, I know I'll find it interesting to look back and be reminded of what was heavily on my heart for my boys at this phase of life. Last Monday, I spent most of the time rejoicing in God's great love for my children (how comforting to remember that He loves them even more than I do!) and thanking Him for His arms of protection around them. Today I prayed especially for the future wives of my sons and the relationship my sons will have with their wives. It brought a smile to my face to pray so specifically for Josiah's wife, and David's wife, and Tobin's wife, and Shav's wife. Of course, God only knows the future; and only He knows whether they will all marry. But I had fun today praying for each of these special little women--whoever they are, wherever they may be (and I realize some of them may not yet be born!). :)

I hope Tobin's wife will someday see this picture that I took this afternoon, and then will tell Tobin Bear what an adorable toddler he was. Who can resist a little boy in overalls? :)
I can never quite decide whether I like pictures in color or black & white better. It's a tough decision for me.
But one thing that's not tough is loving this little man...and his brothers.


Jeff Fisher said...

Is this picture prophetic? Will Tobin be a tree hugger? :)

Margie said...

Jeff's comment cracks me up. I like to hear how you change your prayers. I'm still praying about how to write a prayer post. And this is a good reminder to pray for the girls' future; I too often pray only for protection now.

Jo Ann said...

I for one cannot resist a little boy in overalls. What a cute shot!

Lisa said...

I LOVE Jeff's comment! haha!

You, Davene, are one of few mothers who keep their future daughter-in-laws in their prayers! I love that about you!!

Sometimes I just pray to just make it through the day! haha! BUT I do pray for future spouses and even for the decisions my children will have to make when choosing that spouse.

LOVE YOU! Hope your week has been good.;-)

(you're so good with that camera!!)