Friday, October 16, 2009

Crossing Over

My dear sons,

It appears that we as a family have crossed over some societal boundary of "normal" and have now entered the realm of "large family." Our friends who really have large families (say, 8 kids or so) might laugh derisively (in an affectionate way) at the thought of the six of us being a large family, but most people seem to consider us as either "above average" or "slightly abnormal" in the area of family size.

I am reminded of this when we go out together because EVERY time, someone (or several someones) remark to us about our family. And, thanks to you all, the remarks have, for the most part, been extremely complimentary. Your behavior at Cracker Barrel last week for my family night and at Country Cookin' tonight for Josiah's family night was exceptionally good; and in situations like these, I nearly burst with pride when folks at neighboring tables speak to us across the aisle or stop us on our way--or their way--out of the restaurant to mention how impressed they were by how well-behaved our boys are and what a beautiful family we have and four boys? how wonderful! and so forth.

For some reason, we, with only four children, are at the stage of being noticed. How grateful I am that, most of the time, it's noticed for being good. The love that you have for each other and for Daddy and I, the obedience that you display, the respect and kindness that comes forth from you, not to mention your willingness to actually sit in your chairs and eat your food rather than climbing on or under the table or loudly trumpeting a bad attitude for everyone within the restaurant to hear - all of this shines the light of Jesus to those who see. You have no idea how many people watch you and how much of a witness you already are.

I am so proud of each of you and grateful beyond words to be your mother. The thought of not having any of you is horrifying to me, and I'll gladly accept my role in our "large" family. I'm so glad we crossed over!

Overflowing with love,


Patti said...

I've been computer-less for six days and am just now catching up with your week.

I am inspired by your grace in dealing with The Zorro Incident.

I am also the mother of a boy who loves his (left) thumb.

And I cried when I read this tribute to your boys who, with their parents, are shining like stars in the universe.

Margie said...

Davene, I could picture the scene in the restaurant perfectly. And, yes, seeing their behavior must have indeed made them stand out. Too often parents accept far-less-than-okay behavior from their children, believing them incapable of better. But yours are exceptional: generous, happy, AND well-behaved.

What a gift they have in their parents.