Thursday, October 22, 2009

Motor Skills

The little video clips I post from time to time are treasures to me because, in a matter of seconds, they can transport me to a particular moment in the past; and I feel much more fully there than I could simply through words or even still photographs. Technology is amazing; and although at times I regret the hold it has on us, today I'm very appreciative of the power of technology to assist in memory-making and keeping.

I love capturing Tobin at this stage of life. Here he is doing an activity which I frankly thought was too advanced for him, but he showed off his fine motor skills and did a good job with this. I think it's so cute how he opens his mouth just so when he's concentrating. :)

I had pulled this walker out of storage in the garage a while back, thinking that Tobin might be interested in it. He wasn't--not for a while anyway--but in recent days, he's suddenly realized how much fun it can be to zip around with it. His solo walking is still slow and cautious; but with the walker, he's much speedier. One day recently, while Josiah and David were at the kitchen table doing some schoolwork, Tobin did laps around the table.
When I see him walking with this, I think he looks just like how my dad looks when he's using the old Troy-Bilt tiller in the garden or the old-fashioned row-maker. To be fair, I KNOW I've looked funny the few times I've used the tiller. It's impossible to walk "normally" while you're tilling because if you did, you'd walk right over your freshly-tilled soil--same with the row-maker. But still...when I see Tobin with his walker, I see Dad with the tiller...and I just have to smile. :)


Elizabeth said...

AHH that was so nice! I want more :) Its nice hearing your voice and what you all are like in person! :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh so true about how you walk in the garden...what a sweetie. He's just preparing himself to help!