Sunday, October 11, 2009

Simple Sunday - Baby's Smiles

~ thankful for smiles from a heart bubbles up with joy when I see these toothless grins, the kind that make my baby's whole face light up and his body wiggle, the kind that come from the simple fact that SOMEONE LOOKED AT HIM...oh, joy! :)
Several people recently have commented that Shav looks like David. I couldn't agree more. Although I've often thought that Shav has "the look" that all my boys have as infants, I especially notice the similarity between him and David--something about the round face, the big eyes, etc. As Shav has gotten to the phase of smiling more and more, I've been reminded of David's early smiles; and so, here are two pictures that I love: Shav in the photo above, taken yesterday, and David in the photo below, taken in the summer of 2005 in Israel.

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Cherishing Young Biblical Womanhood said...

That's funny, I just started thinking the other day that he looks a lot like David. What a cute little smile. He looks so happy.