Friday, October 2, 2009


Five Foods I Could Eat Every Day

1. M&M Blizzard from DQ
2. turtles (homemade)
3. my mother's deviled eggs
4. fresh blueberries (or raspberries or blackberries or strawberries or peaches or cherries)
5. string cheese (the kind from Costco...not all string cheeses are created equal) :)


Five Hymns I Treasure

1. Be Thou My Vision
2. It Is Well with My Soul
3. Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing
4. O, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus
5. Praise God from Whom (AKA the Mennonite national anthem)


Five Praise & Worship Songs I Appreciate

1. In Christ Alone (this song blows away the criticism that the lyrics of modern praise songs are shallow since this song is anything but!...there is so much depth to these words)
2. Blessed Be Your Name
3. In the Secret
4. How Deep the Father's Love for Us (another deep song)
5. I Will Never Be the Same Again


Five Things Tobin Loves

1. his bellybutton
2. dust jackets on books (he is passionate about taking them book with dust jacket is safe when he's around; it will be undressed)
3. his daddy
4. saying "ba? ba?" (his word for bath) when I carry him upstairs to change his diaper or to tuck him in bed for his nap or for any reason (he knows he's not getting a bath, but he thinks it's hilarious to ask for one and hear me respond in a silly voice, "no, it's not time for a bath" and then I tickle him...he doesn't get tired of this little ritual, and I don't either - much)
5. coming over to Shav and I when I'm sitting on the couch breastfeeding, lifting his shirt, leaning his chest/tummy against the top of Shav's head, and (I suppose) pretending to give him milk (he does this all the time these days and, this morning, was quite disturbed by the sleeper he was wearing which prevented him from accessing his chest...he wasn't content until I reached over with the hand that wasn't supporting Shav, struggled to unzip his sleeper one-handedly, and helped him out of it so he could--finally--lean against Shav and "nurse" him)


Five Things We Did for School Today

1. Read a chapter from The 7 Habits of Happy Kids
2. Looked at and discussed a painting in Come Look with Me: World of Play
3. Watched a Kids Love Spanish DVD from the library
4. Experimented with push/pull forces from the book What Makes It Swing?
5. Did some BrainQuest Preschool cards with David


Five Places I Would Enjoy Going to By Myself

1. The library
2. Gift & Thrift
3. Old Dominion Coffee Company (coffee shop on Court Square)
4. Goodwill
5. Basically anywhere (well, not to Massanutten Water Park...gotta have a little buddy to have fun there) :)


Five Things I Should Do around the House

1. Vacuum the food debris from under the kitchen table.
2. Fold the laundry that's been lounging in the dryer for far too long.
3. Actually put the accumulated stuff on the floor of my closet in the back of the van and drop it off at a thrift store, rather than looking at it for weeks as it clutters my closet.
4. And speaking of cluttering my closet...put away the rest of my maternity clothes.
5. Dust my piano.


Five Pictures I Love from My Pre-Blogging Days
~ Josiah (2 years old) looking in a shop window he loved in Tel Aviv, with the very typical Tel Aviv apartments reflected in the window...and even the reflection of a very pregnant me captured, too - March 4, 2005
~ Josiah (3 years old), David (6 months), and I having fun in the leaves during our first fall after returning to the States- November 6, 2005
~ Josiah (4 years old) during a family outing to Skyline Drive - August 4, 2006
~ David (15 months) during the same outing to Skyline Drive - August 4, 2006
~ Josiah (4 and 1/2 years old) and David (20 months) in Washington, D.C. - December 20, 2006


Margie said...

Davene, you shouldn't name a post Five, you really shouldn't. HOWEVER, it got me over here lickety-split when I noticed it on my blog list.

I do love this post, though, and concur with so many of your selections, like Be Thou My Vision, and the library, although I noticed that chocolate covered raisins didn't make your list of fave foods.

Might I borrow this outline for a post? You've got me thinking of what I might write...

Davene said...


That's hilarious! I never once thought that "Five" might be perceived as an announcement of some sort. :)

Ah, the chocolate covered raisins. Yes, they should have made the list. Limiting myself to only five foods was tough.

You can certainly borrow this outline; I look forward to reading your thoughts! :)

bekahcubed said...

And here I was thinking that maybe David had just turned 5.

I think it might be a wee bit early for announcing a fifth--even if you were to get pregnant right out of the gates. :-)

Chris said...

Menno national anthem? Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow (aka, THE doxology) was composed in Geneva by a Calvinist and placed in their first Genevan Psalter in 1551. How can Mennonites claim it as their anthem? Is it the same song I am thinking of?

Davene said...


When I referred to the Mennonite national anthem, I was speaking partially tongue-in-cheek. We don't have an official national anthem...we're not a nation after all, but simply a group of wanderers and pilgrims on this earth. :)

However, the song I was referring to is the text that you're thinking of, but a different musical setting. It was number 606 in the old hymnal and is now 118 in the new hymnal, and any Menno. worth their salt knows what you're talking about instantly when you refer to 606. :) I should clarify by saying any North American Mennonite (since there are actually more Mennonites outside North American than inside).

You're right about the connection to Geneva, but the info I have states that the MUSIC of the traditional doxology is what comes from the Genevan Psalter of 1551 and was composed by Louis Bourgeois. The TEXT comes from someone named Thomas Ken from A Manual of Prayers from 1695.

The music I was referring to in this post was written by Lowell Mason in 1830. Some day you'll have to come hear the Mennonites sing it. :)

Speaking of Geneva and Calvinist and Mennonites... Did you know that Conrad Grebel and Felix Manz (some of the founders of the Anabaptist movement) were actually "disciples" of Ulrich Zwingli at one point? Good ol' Zwingli started some much-needed reforms but bowed to pressure from the city leaders and didn't carry them far enough, according to Grebel and Manz. Zwingli turned against them and was ready to have them put to death, these former friends and students of his. Crazy.

I sure am glad we can disagree and still get along. ;)

Anyway, there is definitely a historical link between Calvinists and Anabaptists.

Chris said...

Yes, I did know about Zwingli and his personal disciples who became Anabaptists (remember that Zwingli's "bowing to the State" is according to the Anabaptists and not his own testimony on the matter). Isn't it funny that none of the pastors under Calvin became heretics? (you know I'm just messin'). I am sorry that we drowned so many of you guys. I am happy that now we can tolerate one another (except theologically...LOL).

Misty said...

alright you two! Don't make me put you in separate corners ;)